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Undergraduate Programs

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One of the most rapidly expanding and developing areas of science today is right at the interface of the chemical and biological sciences. To provide the essential training for careers in biotechnology and the medical and pharmaceutical industries, in molecular biology, forensics or genetic engineering, Clarkson offers a B.S. program in Biomolecular Science.

The curriculum is rigorous and includes core courses in analytical, organic and physical chemistry as well as cell biology, genetics and molecular biology. The program concludes with a two-semester, senior-level capstone course in biochemistry, supplemented by intensive labs in molecular biology and biotechnology.

The faculty have expertise in a variety of areas including biotechnology, neuro pharmacology, cancer research, genetic engineering, biophysics, molecular modeling, nanotechnology and biomaterials science. Clarkson faculty are noted for their research; however, their primary mission is undergraduate education. Students in the Biomolecular Science Program are encouraged to participate in faculty-directed research projects as early as their sophomore year. They learn how to ask key questions, interpret data, and find answers.


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