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Graduate Certificates

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Clarkson offers 12-credit-hour Graduate Certificates in Global Supply Chain Management, Six Sigma Process Improvement, and Engineering & Global Operations Management. These uniquely designed programs are for professionals looking to specialize in a specific discipline within the EGOM program.

Who Should Apply?
This option may be particularly attractive to working professionals who:

  • are considering a graduate degree but are not ready to commit to a 30-hour program.
  • have already earned a graduate degree but are looking for a refresher.
  • have started a new job or been assigned new responsibilities.
  • need continuing education units for a professional certification.

Value to Participants

  • Highly flexible format includes on-campus and distance learning, Web-based course alternatives.
  • All credits earned are eligible for transfer into the M.S. program.
  • Same application process and requirements as the M.S. program.
  • 12-month completion period possible.
  • Comprehensive cost structure including: tuition, books, materials, fees, and room and board during three-week on- campus courses and overnight stays for Web course weekends.
  • Interaction and networking with professionals from other leading companies.
  • Access to all campus facilities, workshops and seminars.
Clarkson is among the Best 282 Business Schools, The Princeton Review, 2007


Certificate Program Format

Application Process: 
Students pursuing the graduate certificate option use the same EGOM application process and acceptance criteria as M.S. candidates. If, after achieving a certificate, a participant chooses to pursue a master's degree, no further application or approval is required.