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Lifelong Learning

At Clarkson, we believe in lifelong learning and are committed to providing working professionals with continuing education and development opportunities to advance skill sets and career growth potential.

Earn a Master of Science degree in Engineering & Global Operations Management in less than three years and up to 70 percent online via Web-based distance learning courses. Network with professionals from other leading organizations during our accelerated and highly interactive campus sessions. Culminate your experience with a capstone project to apply new concepts and improve your company's performance. Combine the best of what Clarkson has to offer into an interdisciplinary graduate degree focused on managing technology and global leadership.

Plan to attend a four-day executive seminar in Global Supply Chain Management led by faculty from Clarkson's nationally ranked program. Learn proven strategies for designing, implementing, and optimizing an effective supply chain through interactive discussions, simulations, case studies, and peer networking. Seminars are offered on campus each August or can be customized and delivered on site to meet your specific needs.

Specialize your education by pursuing a graduate certificate in Global Supply Chain Management, Six Sigma Process Improvement, or a customized four-course sequence of your choice. At the completion of your experience, you'll have the option to apply credits earned toward the Engineering & Global Operations Management graduate degree.

Your future starts today. Find out how Clarkson's Executive Programs can help you accomplish your educational goals and meet your professional development needs.

Join executives and managers from industry leaders such as Accenture, Alcoa, Bank of America, Boeing, Corning, Dell, GE, Grainger, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Kodak, Rockwell Automation, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, and Xerox, who are already taking advantage of Clarkson's unique programs.

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