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Augustine Lado

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Richard '55 and Joy Dorf Chair
Innovation and Entrepreneur

Consumer & Organizational Studies

335 Bertrand H. Snell Hall
Clarkson University
PO Box 5790
Potsdam, NY 13699-5790

Phone: 315-268-6608

Ph.D., The University of Memphis

Research/Teaching Interests
Strategic & International Management, Investigating links among competitive strategy, cooperative strategy, organizational competencies, and business performance; Information Technology impact on knowledge management; managerial capital formation; international strategic alliances; and strategic human resource management.

Courses Taught
    * OS432 — Organizational Policy and Strategy
    * OS610/611 — Strategic Planning
    * OS456 — International Management

Recent Publications:

Paulraj, A., Chen, I.J., & Lado, A.A. (In Press). An Empirical Taxonomy of Supply Chain Management Practices. Journal of Business Logistics.

Lado, A. A., Paulraj, A., & Chen, I. J. 2011. Customer focus, supply-chain relational capabilities, and performance: Evidence from U.S. manufacturing industries. International Journal of Logistics Management, 22(2): 202-221.

Paulraj, A., Lado, A. A., & Chen, I. J. 2008. Interorganizational communication as a relational competency: Antecedents and performance outcomes in collaborative buyer-supplier relationships. Journal of Operations Management, 26: 45-64.

Lado, A. A., Dant, R. R., & Tekleab G. (2008). A. Trust-opportunism paradox, relationalism, and performance in interfirm relationships: evidence from the retail industry. Strategic Management Journal, 401-423.

Lado, A. A., Boyd, N. G., Wright, P., & Kroll, M. (2006). Paradox and theorizing within the Resource-based View. Academy of Management Review, 31(1): 115-131.

Wright, P., Kroll, M., Lado, A., & Elenkov, D. (2005). Influences of Relative Rewards of Top Managers on Firm Performance, Strategic Organization, 3(3): 311-335.

Chen, I. J., Paulraj, A., & Lado, A. (2004). Strategic Purchasing, Supply Management and Performance. Journal of Operations Management, 22: 505-523 (Finalist for best paper award at the Operations Management Division of the Academy of Management, presented at Honolulu, Hawaii, August 2005)

Wright, P., Kroll, M., Lado, A., & Van Ness, B. (2002). The Structure of Ownership and Corporate Acquisition Strategies, Strategic Management Journal, 23(1): 41-53.

Zhang, M. J., & Lado, A. A. (2001). Information Systems and Competitive Advantage: A competency-based View, Technovation, 21: 147-156.

Moon, C. W., & Lado, A. A. (2000). MNC-Host Government Bargaining PowerRelationship: A Critique and Extension within the Resource-Based View," Journal of Management, 26(1): 85-117.