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James Lambrinos

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Professor, Economics and Financial Studies
Capital Region Campus

Phone: 518-631-9893

PhD, Economics, Rutgers University, 1979
MA, Economics, Rutgers University, 1977
BA, Economics and Mathematics, Fairleigh Dickinson University, 1975

Recent Publications:

Lambrinos, James, Mary Jo LaPosta, and Allison Cohen, “Increasing Nursing Hours Without Increasing Nurses: A Natural Experiment at an Academic Medical Center” Journal of Nursing Administration, April 2004, pp. 195-199;

Fried, Harold, James Lambrinos, and James Tyner, “Evaluating the Performance of Professional Golfers on the PGA, LPGA, and SPGA Tours” European Journal of Operations Research, Vol 154, pp. 548-561.

Dewar, Diane M. and James Lambrinos, “Does Managed Care More Efficiently Allocate Resources to Older Patients in Critical Care Settings?” The Journal of Cost and Quality, June 2000, pp. 19-26.

Lambrinos, James and Oskar R. Harmon. "The Plaintiff Bias in the CPLR 50-A/50-B Statute" Albany Law Review, Vol. 59, No. 2, 1995, pp. 693-708.

Cohen, Ian L., James Lambrinos, and I. Alan Fein.  "Mechanical Ventilation for the Elderly Patient in Intensive Care:  Incremental Charges and Benefits:  Journal of the American Medical Association  February 24, 1993, pp.1025‑1029.

Lambrinos, James and William G. Johnson, "Robots to Reduce the High Costs of Illness and Injury," Harvard Business Review, May/June 1984, pp. 24‑28.

Lambrinos, James,  "Health: A Source of Bias in Labor Supply Models,"  Review of Economics and Statistics, May 1981, pp. 206‑212.

Berkowitz, Monroe, Paul Fenn and James Lambrinos, "The Optimal Stock of Health with Endogenous Wages: Application to Partial Disability Compensation," Journal of Health Economics, August 1983, pp. 139‑147.

Lambrinos, James. Maximizing Economic Loss Damages, New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1989.

Lambrinos, James. “Wild Bill v. Steady Eddie”, GOLF Magazine, April 1999.

James Lambrinos