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Cecilia Martinez

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Cecilia Martinez
Assistant Professor
Engineering and Management

109 Bertrand H. Snell Hall

Phone: 315-268-2131

Ph.D., Texas Tech University
D.Sc. in Engineering Science, Monterrey Tech (2011)

Research Interest

¨ Quality Management: Design and management of performance improvement initiatives for product development, manufacturing, construction and service (healthcare) environments; Integrative approaches for process improvement techniques (e.g., lean) and statistical-based methodologies (e.g., six sigma); Applied statistics (e.g., design of experiments and Six Sigma).
- Project Management: Stochastic process modeling and optimization (e.g., stochastic project management).¨ Operation Management: Design and integration of process architecture frameworks; Organizational assessment and performance measurement; Risk management; Suitability measurement for management science models and implications for engineering practice.
- Lean Systems Engineering: Lean product development (process modeling amenable to computer analysis); Lean office design and lean manufacturing.

Courses Taught
- Probability and Statistics
- Engineering Systems in Organizations
- Operations and Supply Chain Management

Recent Publications

Martinez, C., Temblador, C., Beruvides, M.G., and Farris, J.A., (2012) Integrating Six Sigma tools using team-learning processes,  International Journal of Lean Six Sigma, 3(2), 133-156.

Martinez, H. C. and  Farris, J.A., (2011)  Lean Product Development:  A Review of the Current State of Research and Practice, submitted to Engineering Management Journal, 23(1), 29-51.

Martinez, C., Farris, J., and Letens, G., “Improving product development through front-loading and enhanced iteration management,” Proceedings of the 2011 Industrial Engineering and Research Conference, Reno, NV,  May 21-25, 2011.