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Peter Otto

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Associate Professor
Director, Health Care Data Analytics
Capital Region Campus

Phone: 518-631-9895

Ph.D., Information Science and Systems, University at Albany, 2002
MBA, Graduate School of Business Administration, Zurich, Switzerland, and University at Albany, 1995
MS, SAWI, Biel, 1989
BA, SAWI, Biel, 1985

Research/Teaching Interests

  • Decision support systems for business applications
  • Impact of Information Technology on Organizational Effectiveness - Group Decision Support Systems
  • Computer Simulation of Dynamic Feedback Systems 

Recent Publications:

Forthcoming: Otto, P., M. Simon, ―Dynamic Perspectives on Social Characteristics and Sustainability in Online Community Networks System Dynamics Review, Special Issues on Information System Dynamics, 2008.

Richardson, G.P., P. Otto, ―Editorial: Application of System Dynamics in Business Markets‖ Journal of Business Research, Vol. 61(11): pp. 1099-1101, 2008.

Otto, P. ―A systems dynamics model as a decision aid in evaluating and communicating complex market entry strategies‖, Journal of Business Research, Vol. 61(11): pp. 1173-1181, 2008.

Otto, P., ―Location-Based Services: Mehr Mobilität und Transparenz‖, IO News Management, Vol. 9, April 2006.

Otto, P., J. Struben, ―Gloucester Fishery: Insights from a Group Modeling Intervention‖, System Dynamics Review Vol. 20, No. 4, 2004.

Otto, P. ―Enterprise Application Integration (EAI): Mehr Transparenz für E-Business Transaktionen‖, IO News Management, Vol. 4, September 2004. 

Peter Otto