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CMP Meeting 2014

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Symposium on Chemical Mechanical Planarization  
August 10-13, 2014
Albany Marriott


CMP Meeting 2014 Presentations (Password required)

Sunday, August 10:

12:00 - 5:00 P.M. Hotel and CAMP Registration

5:45 - 7:15 P.M. Cocktail Reception, (No formal dinner privided) 

Monday, August 11:

7:00- 8:10 AM Breakfast

Session I

8:00 A.M. S. V, Babu:Opening Remarks 

8:05 A.M. Fundamental Improvement Needs for CMP -- Michael Wedlake (Samsung Austin Semiconductor)

8:30 A.M. An Engineered Colloidal Silica Platform for Low Defect CMP -- Steven Grumbine (Cabot Microelectronics)

8:55 A.M. Challenges of W CMP in 14nm and Beyond Logic Device Fabrication -- Hong Jin Kim, Robert Solan, Liqiao Qin, Si-Gyung Ahn, Bohra Girish, Dinesh Koli, Venugopal Govindarajulu, and Yongsik Moon (GLOBALFOUNDRIES)

9:20 A.M. Application of Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS) in the Analysis of Particle Size Distributions & the Adsorption of Chemical Additives at the Surface of CMP Abrasive Particles -- Edward Remsen, M. Jacobson (Bradley University) M. Moinpour, A. K. Rawat,, C. T. Carver, and A. Tripathi (Intel Corporation)

9:45 A.M. Coffee Break

Session II Chair: Hirokuni Hiyama (Ebara Corporation)

10:10 A.M. Summary of Semiconductor Industry Sponsored EHS Research on CMP -- David Speed, IBM

10:35 A.M. CMP Process - Comprehensive Investigation on Chemical & Physical Phenomena in the Space Between Wafer and Polishing Pad -- Keiichi Kimura (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology)

11:00 A.M. Gap Measurement Between Substrate and Polishing Pad -- Panart Khajornrungruang (Kyushu Institute of Technology)

11:25 A.M. Removal Rate Enhancers For Silica-based Ru Barrier Slurry -- Jimmy Granstrom (Fujimi Corporation)

11:50 A.M. Study on Sapphire CMP Slurry Using Fullerenolas Novel Functional Fine -- Keisuke Suzuki (Kyushu Institute of Technology)

12:15 P.M. Lunch

Monday, August 11 continued:

Session III Chair: Charan Surisetty (IBM)

3:45 P.M. Deposition of Cu in Ru-Lined Deep Nanotrenches Using a New Cu(I)Amindinate Precursor from Supercritical Fluids -- Md Rasadujjaman, University of Yamanashi

4:10 P.M. Flow Pattern Visualization of Water Film on Rotating Wafer -- Satomi Hamada (Ebara Corporation)

4:35 P.M. Ceria Based CMP Slurries: Mechanistic Understanding Drives New Formulation Development -- Brian Santora (Ferro)

5:00 P.M. Development of high performance Ceria slurries for advanced front end CMP Processes -- Deepak Kumar (AGC Japan)

5:25 P.M. Polishing Selectivity Control for Scratch Free Nano Size Cerium Hydroxide Slurry -- Hisataka Minami (Hitachi Chemical Co.)

5:50 - 7:00 P.M. Poster Session / Open Bar

7:00 P.M. Dinner

After Dinner Speaker: Sub 10nm Semiconductor Processing Technology Challenges -- Alexander Oscilowski, President TEL Technology Center

Tuesday, August 12:

7:00 - 8:00 A.M. Breakfast

Session IV Chair: Jin-Goo Park (Hanyang University)

8:00 A.M. BTA Complex Layer in Cu CMP -- Jin-Goo Park (Hanyang University)

8:25 A.M. Pad Analysis on Break-in Time Estimation for Cu-CMP Process -- C-C.Arthur Chen (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology)

8:50 A.M. CMP Chattermark/Microscratch Defect Reduction -- Gene Davis, Texas Instruments

9:15 A.M. Microreplicated Pad Conditioner vs. Conventional Diamond Grit Conditioner for Cu CMP Applications by IBM and 3M -- Wei-Tsu Tseng, Sana Rafie, Adam Ticknor, Vamsi Devarapalli, Elliott Rill and Laertis Economikos (IBM), John Zabasajja, Jennifer Sokol, Vince Laraia, and Matt Fritz (3M Electronics Materials)

9:40 A.M. Viscoelasticity Behavior of PVA Brush and its Impact on Friction -- Toshiyuki Sanada (ShizuokaUniversity)

10:05 A.M. Coffee Break

Session V Chair: Vamsi Devarapalli (IBM)

10:30 A.M. Post Cu CMP Cleaning Defects - Challenges in Advanced BEOL Technologie -- Vamsi K Devarapalli, Wei-Tsu Tseng, Adam Ticknor, James Steffes, Colin Goyette, Elliott Rill, Mahmoud Khojasteh, Michael Kennett, and Christopher Majors (IBM)

10:55 A.M. Barrier CMP Challenges in Narrow Pitch Structures -- Raghuveer Patlolla and Brown Peethala (IBM)

Tuesday, August 12 continued:

11:20 A.M. Better Control – Key to CMP in Advanced Node IC Manufacturing -- Venugopal Govindarajulu, Stan Tsai, Tae Hoon Lee, Hong Jin Kim, Dinesh Koli, and Yongsik Moon (GLOBALFOUNDRIES)

11:45 A.M. Design, Prototyping and Process Characteristics of "CMP/P-CVM Fusion Processing Machine" Combining CMP and Plasma Processing -- Toshiro Doi (Kyushu University)

12:10 P.M. Lunch

Session VI Chair: Robert Rhoades (Entrepix)

3:45 P.M. CMP Industry Evolution and the Impact on the Supply Base -- Mike Corbett (Linx Consulting)

4:10 P.M The Ecosystem of CMP in the More than Moore Space -- Paul Feeney (AxusTech)

4:35 P.M. Advances and Challenges of Chemical and Mechanical Aspects in Post-CMP Cleaning -- Chieh-Chun Chiang, Luke Hupka, John Matovu, Doug Capson, Suresh Ramakrishnan, Gowri Damarla, Shyam Ramalingam (Micron)

5:00 P.M. Break

5:15 P.M. Oxide CMP using Full Vision EndPoint Control System for FEOL Applications-- Samuel Munnangi, Raghava Kakireddy & Motoya Okazaki (Applied Materials)

5:40 P.M. CMP Steps in Vertical Nanowire Device Integration Targeting for N5 -- Katia Devriendt (IMEC)

6:05 P.M. CMP Process Steps for Silicon-Based Photonics Integration-- Patrick Ong (IMEC)

6:30 - 7:15 P.M. Reception

7:15 P.M. Dinner

After Dinner Speaker: Process Challenges For Next Generation Device Technologies -- Satyayolu Papa Rao, Director of Process Technology at SEMATECH

Wednesday, August 13:

7:00 - 8:00 A.M. Breakfast

Session VII Chair: Gene Davis (Texas Instruments)

8:05 A.M. 450mm CMP Equipment Progress and Update on G450C Program Status -- Christopher Borst (SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering)

8:30 A.M Albany Nanotech Planarization Center: Accelerating Solutions Through Synergy -- Richard Hill & Tricia Burroughs (SEMATECH & CNSE) Joint Paper

8:55 A.M. 2D Channel Material Driven Quest for Atomically Flat Tungsten CMP -- Matt Smalley (CNSE)

9:20 A.M. CMP of Molybdenum in Abrasive-Free Slurry -- Xin-Ping Qu (Fudan University, Shanghai City, China)

9:45 A.M. Polymeric Modification of Slurry Abrasives for Dishing – Less CMP -- Jinok Moon (Samsung)

10:10 A.M. Coffee Break

Wednesday, August 13 continued:

Session VIII Chair: Katia Devriendt (IMEC)

10:35 A.M. Current Status of Slurries and Cleans for CMP of III-V Device Fabrications – A Critical Review -- Gautam Banerjee (Air Products)

11:00 A.M. Corrosion Inhibitors as Key Components to Protect Cobalt Surfaces During and After CMP -- Michael Lauter, Leonardus Leunissen, Haci Osman Güvenc, Yongqing Lan, Donny Wei (BASF)

11:25 A.M. Electrokinetic and Hydrodynamic PVA Brush Features for Reduced Physical Defectivity and Extended Brush Lifetime – Ji Chul Yang (Globalfoundries)

11:45 A.M. Effect of Consumable Life Time and Slurry Batches on Micro Scratch Generation During W CMP in High Volume Manufacturing -- Shivaji Peddeti, Necip Doganaksoy, Dinesh Koli and Yongsik Moon (GLOBALFOUNDRIES)

12:10 P.M. Closing Remarks, S.V. Babu, CAMP