79th ACS Colloid and Surface Science Symposium

June 12-15, 2005

Frequently Asked Questions

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 For comments and clarification on the information described in this document,
Contact Professor Yuzhuo Li at yuzhuoli@clarkson.edu or 315-268-4407

1. About your presentation file.

Q:  Why should I upload the presentation file to the network drive?

A:  In case you lost your file during your trip, you still have a copy on the network drive.  More importantly, by having your presentation file on the network directory, your session chair/ assistant can preload it onto the computer in the meeting room and test it out for you. By doing this we can also eliminate the potential problems associated with switching computers between talks.

Q:  When should I upload my presentation file to the network drive?

A:  As soon as you finished your file.  If you have not uploaded your presentation file onto the symposium network directory, please take a moment to upload your latest version of presentation file to the directory before you hop into your car or a plane to Potsdam, New York.  It takes less a minute to do so.  It is ok even if the file is incomplete or unpolished. 

Q:  How to upload my presentation file to the network drive?

A:  Please follow the simple procedure

  1. Open Internet Explorer (or any web browser):
  2. Go to address: ftp://ftp.clarkson.edu/.users/c/s/csss03/public/incoming
    ****Please note the each path will be unique for each symposium ( you must replace .../csss03/.... with the account name csss01-csss17).
  3. Once this page has been opened, simply drag the file into the page.
  4. We recommend that the file name should contain the paper number, your last name, and date created. For example: 14-05_Smith_2005_05_31
  5. You can upload as many versions as you want provided that you use a different file name each time. Your chair assistant will use the latest version according to the date.

Q:  Do I need a password to upload my file?

A:  No. A speaker can upload the file without using any password.  You can view the file names in the directory.  But you will not be able to open, view, copy, or download any files without a password.  Your symposium chair and chair assistant have the password.  But they are not allowed to give away the password as we want to protect the privacy and integrity of your presentation files.

Q:  Can I ask my session chair to do the upload for me?

A:  Yes, You can also ask your symposium chair assistant to upload the file for you by e-mail the file to him/her.

Q:  Can I update my presentation file at the conference?

A:  Yes. After your arrival, you can check on and/or revise your presentation file at the symposium business office (see separate page for details). You can also check on your presentation file in the meeting room before your session started or during break.  As a last resort, you can also bring your latest version of presentation file on a USB drive or CD.  However, we strongly discourage the last minute update to keep your symposium chair’s life as simple as possible.

Q:  Can I present the paper using my own computer?

A:  If you have extensive special graphics and/or movies, it is highly recommended that you run a test before your session started.  If after testing, your symposium chair or chair assistant determines that it is better to use your own computer to do the presentation; your symposium assistant will help you to set up your computer as the secondary computer using an AB switch.  Again, we would like to keep this type of set-up to the absolute minimum.  We appreciate your cooperation on this.

Q:  Why DVD proceeding?

A:  Due to the nature of our symposium, with more than 15 parallel sessions, you may not be able to attend all the talks that interest you. Many attendees have indicated that they would like to receive a symposium proceeding with the presentation files from all parallel sessions on it. For this purpose, we would like to ask your approval to place your PowerPoint presentation file in the proceeding. We will convert your PowerPoint file into a PDF file. In addition, there will be a clear and prominent declaration that the viewers of the file must obtain your written permission before they can use the file for any non-private purposes.

Q:  Do I get a free copy of the DVD proceeding?

A:  Yes. By contributing your presentation file to the proceeding, you will receive a free copy of the proceeding on DVD shortly after the symposium. If you decide not to include your presentation file in the proceeding, you may be still eligible to purchase the DVD at $50 per copy including

Q:  Do I need approval from my company?

A:  Most likely yes.  If you think you need approval from your company or university, please do so before you come to the meeting. At the conference, you will be asked to sign a form to gives the ok or decline the opportunity. The form is attached to at the end of this information package.  If you must delete a slide or two before your presentation files can be included in the proceeding, it is ok.  But please keep this to the absolute minimum.

2. At the Airports

Q: What is the full name of the Montreal airport?

A: Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport

975 Roméo-Vachon Blvd North, Suite 317

Montréal, Québec, Canada H4Y 1H1

Telephone: (514) 394-7377 or 1 (800) 465-1213


Q: How to get to Potsdam New York from the Montreal airport?

A:  Take Route 20 west which merges with Route 401 west to Cornwall. Take exit 789 marked "Bridge to USA;" turn left at the top of ramp and follow signs to the bridge; follow Route 37 south to Massena. From Route 37 south, take Route 56 south to Potsdam. Please be prepared to show your passport and related travel documents at the boarder shortly after the bridge. There are major rental car services at the airport. Driving time from Montreal: approximately two hours.

Q:  Where do I meet with the driver for a shuttle service provided by the symposium?

A:  If you are taking a shuttle van provided by us, we will have a student to hold a sign with your name on it at the exit of Immigration and Custom on the first floor.  If you are not the last person to be picked up, the student will direct you to the resting/cafeteria area on the second floor to wait for the remaining passengers.  Each student will carry a cell phone.  Their phone numbers will be provided at a later time directly to you.

Q:  What is the full name of the Syracuse Airport?

A:  Syracuse Hancock International Airport

1000 Colonel Eileen Collins Boulevard

Syracuse, NY 13212

(315) 454-4330


Q: How to get to Potsdam from the Syracuse Airport?

A:  From the airport, take Interstate 81 north to exit 48 (Route 342) north of Watertown. Route 342 east intersects with U.S. Route 11. Follow U.S. Route 11 north to Potsdam. Driving time from Syracuse: approximately three hours.

Q:  Where do I meet with the driver for a shuttle service provided by the symposium?

A:  First find the rental counters on this map: http://www.syrairport.org/services/maps/

We will have a student to hold a sign with your name on in front of the gift shop which is located on the first floor and next to the rental car counters. If you are not the last person to be picked up, the gift shop also has seats and serves coffee. There are other eateries on the second floor.  Each student will carry a cell phone.  Their phone numbers will be provided at a later time directly to you.

3. About the campus

Q:  Where are the buildings on campus for the symposium?

A:  For a detailed campus map, see http://www.clarkson.edu/campusmap/

Here are some places that are important to this symposium

4. Cheel Campus Center (Plenary lectures, symposia #2 and #9)
5. Center For Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP) (Registration, business office, exhibitors, posters, receptions, symposia #1, #11, #13, #15, and workshops)
7. Adirondack Lodge (special Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday events)
8. Townhouse Apartments
. Cora & Bayard Clarkson Science Center (Symposia 3A and 3B)
14. Bertrand H. Snell Hall (Business office, Symposia #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #10, #12, #14)
15. Moore House
16. Graham Hall
17. Price Hall
23. Deneka Family Fitness Center
36. The Clarkson Inn  

Q:  How about on campus safety?

A:   For campus safety information, see http://www.clarkson.edu/campussafety/

Q:  How about on campus parking?

A:  You should get a parking permit at the registration desk or Symposium Business Office upon arrival.  As this is summer, there should be ample parking space around the campus.  Here are some general recommendations based on the map below.

Use parking space #23 for CAMP, #13 for Science Center, #9 for Cheel, #10 for Snell, and parking space nearby for the on campus housing.


Blue colored phone Blue Light Phone Yellow colored phone Emergency Phone

Q: What are the important Phone Numbers?

A: Campus Safety
1 (315) 268-6666 (on campus x6666)

Fire Department
1 (315) 265-3311

Potsdam Police and Rescue Squad
1 (315) 265-2121

Canton-Potsdam Hospital
1 (315) 265-3300

1 (315) 268-6439 (on campus x6439)

Professor Jnoas Fendler
1 (315) 268-7113 (on campus x7113)

Professor Yuzhuo Li
1 (315) 268-4407 (on campus x4407); 1 (315) 212-1571 (cell)

Q: How do I use the telephone in my room or on campus?

A:  If you have any problems with your phone in your room on campus, please contact the Office of Information Technology at 1 (315) 268-4357 or x4357. You may also contact the symposium organizers or symposium business office.  The telephone in your room is available for all calls per these instructions: On-campus calls can be made at no charge. You will need a PIN, calling card or credit card for local and long distance calls.


  • Dial the 4-digit extension. 
  • For Campus Safety dial x6666.
  • For emergencies dial 9 + 9-1-1. 


  • Calling Card – Dial 9 + 1 + the 800 number on your calling card and follow operator instructions.
  • Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard) – Dial 9 + 0 and wait for operator.
  • Collect and 3rd Party – Dial 9 + 0 and wait for operator.
  • Calls using a PIN – Dial 9 + 7-digit local phone number or 9 + 1 + long distance phone number then PIN.  You can listen for a PIN prompt or you can proceed without waiting for the prompt.


  • Dial 9 + the toll-free phone number.

It is strongly suggested that you bring a calling card with you.  Without a calling card, you will not be able to make even a local call to order pizza!  Yes, you can purchase a calling card at the symposium business office.

4. About the Internet

Q: How do I get Internet connection in my room?

A:  If you are staying on campus and have your laptop with you, you can use the network jacket in your room to connect to the Internet hook-ups. It is free. You must, however, have the most updated antivirus software installed on your computer.  If you are not sure about this, please ask your IT department to check your computer over. 

Q:  Do you provide Internet cable?

A:  It is also very important that you bring your own network cable.  A network cable can be rented from the symposium business office at $1/day if you forgot to bring one with you. You can pick up the cable along with your room key at the time of checking in. Your deposit covers both the key and the cable.

Q:  Can I get Internet connection in the academic buildings?

A: Yes. You can also connect to the Internet using a network cable in practically any class rooms on campus and some study areas in the academic buildings.  It is free. You must, however, have the most updated antivirus software installed on your computer.  

Q: Can I connect to the Internet via wireless network on Campus?

A:  Yes.  If you have wireless capability with your laptop, you do not need a cable to connect to the Internet.  It is free.  You can use your wireless device in several areas across campus:  Educational Resources Center, CAMP Atrium and Lecture Halls, Cheel Commons, Bertrand H Snell Atrium and Lecture Halls, Science Center Lecture Halls, as shown in the following map.


  1. About the overall program

Q: What is going on Sunday?

A:  Here are few things to consider before the registration.

Golf.  If you arrive early and have an afternoon to spend on golfing at a near by golf course, please sign yourself sign up as soon as possible by sending an quick e-mail to the event coordinator, Ms. Leila Boyea at Leila@clarkson.edu.  We will let you know at the time you check in where and when you will meet with your golf partners.

Campus Tour.  This campus tour will give you a better orientation about Clarkson University. This tour will start with the historic Old Main and travel through time by visiting several key research centers and facilities on campus such as the Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP), the Wallace H. Coulter Exhibit, Center for Air Resources Engineering and Science (CARES), and Advanced Surface Preparation Technology Laboratory (ASPT).  The tour will be offered at 11:am, 2:00pm, and 3:00pm.  It takes about 90 minutes.  Please sign up by sending a quick e-mail to Ms. Leila Boyea at Leila@clarkson.edu.  We will let you know at the time you register/check-in where you will be meeting with your tour guide.

Q:  Where is the registration desk?
A: CAMP Atrium. At the registration desk, you will pick up your name tag, conference abstract book, campus maps, last minute announcement and materials on various programs on campus.  We strongly recommend everyone register in advanced, so we can get your name tag and materials ready.  If you register on-site, the name tag will be hand-written.

Q:  Candy in my bag?
A:  As a welcome gift, there will be a box of locally produced maple syrup candy in your registration bag. If you want to buy more locally produced maple products to take home with, please visit our business office.

Q:  How do I get to my room?

A:  If you are going to stay on campus, there will be students available to take you from the registration desk to your room.  All student assistants will wear a distinctive shirt with Clarkson University and 79th ACS CSSS logo on it.

Q:  Where is the Sunday Reception?

A:  A welcome reception will be held at the CAMP Atrium where the registration desk would be.  The exhibitors will also be in the same general area.  There are should be enough food/wine/beer for everyone who consider this as a light dinner or just an appetizer for a “real” dinner later on.  Some sessions have organized dinners after the reception.  If you are invited to such an event, there will be signs and students helpers to lead you to the pick up area for the event.

Q:  Where is the breakfast on Monday morning?

A:  A buffet style breakfast will be served in Ross-Brooks House #18 and #21 on the campus map) which is near the Cheel Center.  There will be signs and student helpers to lead you to the Cheel Center for the plenary lecture session in the Hockey Arena inside the Cheel Center.

Q:  What is so special about the opening ceremony for 79th ACS CSSS?

A:  Unlike other conferences you have attended, but following a Clarkson University tradition, the 79th ACS CSSS will open its first plenary lecture by conferring an honorary degree to Sr. John Thomas, University of Cambridge and Royal Institution of Great Britain.  The event is similar to a mini commencement that involves a short procession of University administrative and faculty representatives.  It should only take a few minutes for the event.

Q:  What happened right after the honorary degree event?

A:  Immediately after the honorary degree event, Sr. John Thomas will give the plenary lecture followed by another lecture given by Dr. Gabor A. Somorjai, University Professor at University of California System.

Q:  How do I get from the plenary session to the individual sessions?

A: At the end of the plenary lecture you will be asked to follow one of the student helpers who are holding a sign with a symposium number on it.  Please identify a symposium you wish to go to and follow the student to the room for that symposium.  The following is the list of number code for each symposium session (1-18).  Please note that the special workshops are only available in the afternoon of June 15. 


Room Assignment

Symposium Title


176 CAMP



Barben AB, Cheel



160 Science Center



162 Science Center



177 Snell



212 Snell



Patterson BR, Snell



213 Snell



241 Snell



Senate, Cheel



175 Snell



175 CAMP



129 Snell



177 CAMP



169 Snell



178 CAMP



CAMP Atrium



Cheel Arena

Plenary lectures and banquet


177 CAMP

Workshops on Government-University and Industry-University Collaborations

Please check individual session for detailed schedule

Click here for final Technical Program

Q:  Who is the Chair Assistant?

A:  While the meeting is in session, there should be at least one person who will be wearing a name tag and a badge saying “79th ACS CSSS Chair Assistant.” The Chair Assistant will help you with any technical questions regarding the computer, the projector, and the meeting logistics.  In case of emergency that requires evacuation, please follow the instruction provided by the Chair Assistant.

Q:  Where is the restroom?

A:  In each meeting room, there should also be some bottled water for the attendees.  There should also be signs that direct you to the rest rooms and coffee break tables.

Q:  Where is the place for lunch?

A:  After the morning session, your Chair Assistant will guide you to the cafeteria for lunch.  After the lunch, there will be no student guides for you to go back to your meeting rooms.  Please use the provided campus map.

Q:  Where is the place for the poster session?
A:  After the afternoon session, your Chair Assistant will again guide you to the poster session.  There will be light finger food and drinks at the poster sessions.  All posters should be up before 5pm on Monday and will stay up until Wednesday 1:00pm.  The poster sessions will be held in the CAMP Atrium.  For poster presenters, Professor Anja Mueller, will provide specific instructions about when you are expected to be at your posters to answer questions.

Q:  Where and when is the Tuesday Banquet?

A:  If you are attending the banquet, you need to be at the Cheel arena by 7:30pm.  This is the same place we have our daily plenary sessions.

Q:  What are the activities at the banquet?

A:  At the banquet, there will be a silent PowerPoint slide show on the local scenery, history of Clarkson University, some historical pictures from the past CSSS hosted by Clarkson University, and some new photos hot off the press (don’t be surprised if you see your face on the giant screen!).

Q:  Music entertainment at the banquet?

A:  At the banquet, our own music talent Professor Vitek will play Jazz duo to entertain you while you are served with the dinner.

Q:  Recognition at the banquet?

A:  Shortly before the desert is off from your plate, Professor Jonas Fendler will recognize some special guests and individuals.  Our distinguished after-dinner-speaker Professor Milton Kerker will be a special treat.

Q:  What will happen after the banquet?

A:  If you still have energy to play after the banquet, we will offer a shuttle bus to a limited number of people to a local Mohawk Indian Casino. http://www.mohawkcasino.com/  (we don’t care you will win or loose, just make sure you are back by the next morning for the last plenary session with your shirt on!).

Q:  What are the special workshops on Wednesday, June 15?

A:  In addition to the remaining regular sessions, we will have two very special workshops on Government-University and Industry-University collaborations.  The distinguished panelists include Drs. David Nelson of NSF, Ray Mackay of Army, Gerald Feigenson of Cornell, Venkatesh Narayanamurti of Harvard, Shantoch Badesha of Xerox,  Frances Lockwood of The Valvoline Company, Alan Rae of Nanodynamics, Katharina Seitz of Umicore/Germany, Eric Grulke of University of Kentucky, Roshan Jachuck of Clarkson, and Phil Hopke of Clarkson. Please see the special announcement in your registration package.

  1. About the message board

Q:  Is there any message board for the symposium?
A: Yes. There will be a message board in the CAMP atrium in front of the Dean’s office (CAMP 102).  If you want to get hold of anyone who might be a symposium attendee, please feel free to use the board on the left.  If you have any job openings and meeting announcements, please use the board on the right.  We may also use the board to announce the availability of side tours and last minute program changes.  Please check the boards whenever you pass them by.  Please do not use the boards for any commercial product announcements or advertisement.  If you want to include any such commercial materials into the registration package of all attendees, please contact Carol Paulsen as soon as possible to arrange.

  1. About the business office

Q:  Where are the business offices for the symposium?

A: The symposium will have two business offices throughout the conference.

The business office in Snell Hall will allow those attendees who do not have their own computers with them to check e-mails, browse the internet, print files, etc, using the computers in the office (thanks to a generous sponsorship of IBM). 

The business office in CAMP building will mainly focus on taking care of administrative matters such registration, housing, transportation, tours, presentation files, and etc.

There will be a booth managed by the University Bookstore to provide emergency office/daily supplies (Tylenol, band aid, notepads, pens, computer disks, tooth paste, tooth brushes, etc) in addition to University souvenirs and special books.

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