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Richard E. Partch

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Senior University Professor
353 CAMP
Clarkson University
PO Box 5814
Potsdam, NY 13699-5814

Phone: 315-268-2351
Fax: 315-268-7615
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Educational Background:
Ph.D., Organic Chemistry, University of Rochester, 1962
A.B., Chemistry, Pomona College, California, 1958

Research Interests:

  • Aerosol reactions for producing fine powders and coated particles.
  • In situ formation of inorganic and organic coatings on solids dispersed in monomer solutions.
  • Microencapsulation of liquids with inorganic and polymeric membranes.
  • Plasma methods for coating and etching fine particles.
  • Synthesis of electroactive polymer latexes and polymer-metal oxide composites for dental resins.
  • Application of general particle technology to drug delivery and removal.

Related Facilities:

  • High-field NMR spectrometers
  • DSC, TGA, DTA apparatus
  • UV excimer lasers and plasma generation equipment
  • High-temperature furnaces
  • Laser Raman, and FT IR spectrophotometers
  • Electrophoresis and X-ray instrumentation
  • Scanning and transmission electron microscopes

Conducted Research:

  • Coating metal carbide, halide, nitride, and oxide particles and organic latexes with polymers, carbon, and various inorganic and organometallic materials
  • Synthesis of core and coated particles by gas-, aerosol- and liquid phase techniques
  • Plasma modification of fine particles
  • Biomass conversion to fuel oil
  • Microencapsulation of diesel oil droplets
  • Medicinal organic syntheses, drug delivery, and in vivo toxin removal
  • Separation of hazardous materials from soil and water


  • American Ceramic Society
  • American Chemical Society
  • American Association for Aerosol Research
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers
  • Fine Particle Society
  • Materials Research Society
  • Sigma Xi

Selected Publications:
Surface Modification of Silica Particles with Polyimide by Ultrasonic Wave Irradiation; Y. Nishida, H. Takahashi, M. Iso, M. Matsoka and R. Partch, Adv Powder Tech., in press (2005).

Carbon Black Dispersions: Minimizing Particle Sizes by Control of Processing Conditions in Defense Applications of Nanomaterials; D. Forryan, D. Rasmussen and R. Partch; in ACS Symposium Series 891, A. Miziolek, S. Karna, J. Mauro and R. Vaia Eds, pp 170-179 (2004).

Study of Polyimide Particle Surface Modification by the High-Speed Impact Method; Y. Nishida, M. Iso, M. Matsuoka and R. Partch, Adv. Powder Technology 15 247-261 (2004).

Injectable Nanoparticle Technology for In Vivo Remediation of Overdosed Toxins; R. Partch, E. Powell, Y-H. Lee, M. Varshney, S. Kim, N. Barnard, D. Shah, D. Dennis and T. Morey, Proceedings of the NATO Workshop on Nanostructured Materials and Coatings for Biomedical and Sensor Applications, 2002, Ukraine. In Nanostructured Materials and Coatings for Biomedical and Sensor Applications, Y. Giogotsi and I. Uvarova, Eds., Kluwer Academic Pub., pgs. 27-40 (2003).

Nanoparticles for Medical Use: Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Injectable Species for Emergency Remediation of Chemical Overdoses; R. Partch, E. Powell, Y-H. Lee, N. Barnard, D. Dennis and T. Morey, Proceedings of the Fourth World Congress on Particle Technology, Sidney, Australia, July (2002).

Synthesis of Monodispersed Colloids by Chemical Reactions in Aerosols in Fine Particles: Synthesis, Characterization and Mechanisms of Growth; E. Matijević and R. Partch, T. Sugimoto, Ed., Marcel Dekker (2000).

Studies on Novel Bismaleimide Resins: Part 1; E. Matijević and R. Partch,, Intern. J. Polymeric Mater, 39, 151-159 (1998).

Aerosol and Solution Modification of Particle-Polymer Interfaces; R.E. Partch and S. Brown, J. Adhesion, 67, 259 (1998).

Silver Coating of Spindle- and Filament-Type Magnetic Particles for Conductive Adhesive Applications; N. Dilsiz, R.E. Partch, E. Matijević, and E. Sancaktar, J. Adhesion Sci. Technol. 11, No. 8, 1105 (1997).

Fine Particle Synthesis and Coating, in Materials Synthesis and Characterizations, Ch. 1, D. Perry, Ed., Plenum Press, 1997.

Polypropylene Reinforced with Silicon Carbide Whiskers; M. Avella, E. Martuscelli, M. Raimo, R.E. Partch, S.G. Gangolli and B. Pascucci, J. Matr. Sci. 32, 2411 (1997).

Influence of Centrifugation on Coagulation of Colloidal Dispersions of Teflon; J. Simmons, L.L. Regel, W.R. Wilcox, and R.E. Partch, Centrifugal Materials Processing, 267 (1997).

Aerosol and Solution Modification of Particle-Polymer Interfaces; R.E. Partch and S. Brown, J. Adhesion, 67, 259 (1998).

Short Course Organizer and Instructor, "Surface Modification Technologies to Enhance Industrial Performance of Powdered Materials," offered to industry and at professional meetings.

CAMP Professional Course CoInstructor, "Manufacture and Characterization of Finely Dispersed (and Coated) Solids," available on campus by subscription.

Keynote Presentation: ACS Symposium on Fundamentals of Adhesion and Interfaces, 1996; Cabot Lecture Series Speaker, 1997; MRS Symposium on Nanoparticle Technology, 1997; Engelhard Technical Series Speaker, 1998; Milliken Corporation Lecturer, 1998; University of Florida, Eng. Research Center Site Visit Symposium 1999; International Symposium, Composites at Lake Louise, 1999; San Luis II Conference on Surfaces, Interfaces and Catalysts, 2000; Gordon Conference on Particles and Interfaces, 2000; NATO-ASI Conference on Functionally Gradient Particles, 2000; NATO-ARW on Nanostructured Materials and Coatings for Biomedical and Sensor Applications, 2002; Plenary presentation on Particle Surface Modification, Composite at Lake Louise, 2003.

Associate Editor, Aerosol Science and Technology, 1997-99.

Short Course Coordinator, "Manufacturing Implications of Materials Processing," offered at Clarkson University to engineers, scientist, and managers from industry.