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Student Government (CUSA)

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The Clarkson University Student Association (CUSA) supports Clarkson students through a variety of clubs and organizations and serves as the formal representative of the student body. Composed of the executive board, six senators from each class and a Clarkson School representative, the CUSA Senate collaborates with the Clarkson administration on all decisions that affect Clarkson students. These decisions are made in Senate meetings or in one of the Senate's committees, which are open to all students. CUSA is also responsible for allocating to sponsored clubs and organizations the activity fee you pay each semester .

Serving on the CUSA Senate gives students a chance to develop their professional skills in communication, collaboration, and negotiation. Serving also provides the opportunity to perform useful work for the campus community. Find out more about CUSA and how to get involved at

For the most up-to-date listing of CUSA affiliated, recognized, and funded clubs and organizations, go to