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Residential Life

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Living on campus at Clarkson University is about making a commitment. The first commitment is to yourself to make academic success your number one priority. Our commitment to you is to help you meet all of your academic goals and encourage campus involvement.

We strive to help you make your residence days and nights as rewarding as your classroom experiences and believe there is as much to be learned outside the classroom in extracurricular activities, during lunchtime chats or late night talks as there is in the classroom.

As a first-year student, you'll live in one of our fully networked residence halls. All the rooms are double occupancy and fully furnished with carpets and drapes. Shared floor lounges have televisions, microwaves and kitchenettes.

After your first year, your options broaden. Upperclassmen halls with suite-style arrangements, including furnished rooms and individual bathrooms, are available. On-campus choices for juniors and seniors also include apartment-style living, with kitchen facilities that allow an exemption to meal plan requirements.

Clarkson has also developed a popular "theme housing" option in which students who share common interests, such as outdoor enthusiasts, entrepreneurial business majors or those wishing a substance-free residence, choose to live together.

In addition to these choices, about 15 percent of upper class students join fraternities or sororities and opt for living in an off-campus chapter house.

Residence Life

Theme and Special Interest Housing

As part of our commitment to a learning-living campus, Clarkson encourages students to develop proposals for group living in theme-related housing following their first year on campus. Some of the theme housing is built around projects or entrepreneurial ventures in which students from various majors live and work together.

The goal is to bring people together and extend the collaborative learning experience to our residences in a very intentional way.