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Clarkson CEM Consulting Group (C3G)

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Clarkson Construction Engineering Management Consulting Group (C3G)

As a part of committment by the Clarksojn CEM Program to hands-on and co-curricular education, Director Erik Backus along with Bill Olsen and Jim Billings launched the Clarkson CEM Consulting Group in 2017.  This in-house capability provides pre-professional consulting in planning, engineering, and construction areas.  This business enterprise uses students in an experiential learning mode in order to deliver products that the targeted market segments would not be otherwise able to conduct using professional consulting services. Likewise, these efforts help to build community economic opportunities by jumpstarting projects that would otherwise not be able to be done absent some key preliminary work. The goal will be to then generate further professional work and efforts that can aid in the development of a more robust North Country economy.

Market Segments

Communities and Governmental Organizations

Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, and other Houses of Worship

Not-for-profit/Non-profit Organizations

Small Private Owners/Businesses

Example Projects

Timeframe   Project Name   Project Team   Product
Spring 2016 Munter Trail Extension and Bridge Raquette River Engineering Proposal Presentation

This list will be updated periodically.  All of the above are student work products, and as such all rights are reserved to the authors in conjunction with Clarkson University.

Conact Us

If you have a project and need some help getting it "off the ground" contact us.  More information about the Clarkson CEM Group can be obtained here.  For more information contact the CEM Director, Mr. Erik C. Backus at or 315-268-6522.

C3G Prospectus

The Clarkson CEM Consulting Group Propspectus can be obtained here.

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