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Undergraduate Programs- Environmental Engineering

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B.S. Environmental Engineering

If you want the opportunity to work in an engineering job that can take you out of the office and into the field, then environmental engineering may be the discipline for you. It is among the fastest growing fields in the country, with opportunities in consulting, industry and government.

Environmental engineers provide the knowledge, leadership and guidance needed to improve the quality and ensure the sustainability of our natural world by working to:

  • Responsibly develop water resources
  • Minimize the effects of pollution
  • Eliminate hazardous and solid wastes
  • Restore, preserve and sustain the environment

As an environmental engineering major at Clarkson, you will benefit from close interactions and collaboration with faculty who are experts in their respective fields, and learn in state-of--the-art laboratories using high tech equipment. You'll gain valuable field experience in the nearby Adirondack Park, our six-million acre living laboratory and tackle complex, real-world problems - from air and water monitoring to waste water remediation.

Our approach also emphasizes teamwork, management, communication, leadership and creative problem solving and hands-on learning. Our excellent placement rate, extensive connections with employers and a first-rate faculty who are teachers and researchers and who include undergraduates in their research.

Our curriculum is designed to provide graduates with engineering knowledge that meets the challenges of a successful professional career.  Science and engineering science courses form the majority of the curriculum for the first two years. These courses provide the foundation for the professionally oriented courses that follow in the junior and senior years.

Students also benefit from opportunities available through:

The Institute for a Sustainable Environment, which promotes and supports campus-wide educational and research activities related to the environment by applying expertise from many different disciplines.

Clarkson's Center for Air Resources Engineering & Science, which focuses on providing a better and more complete basis for air quality management in New York state. CARES brings together the world-class expertise available at Clarkson and students for air sampling and analysis, receptor modeling, atmospheric deposition and the application of computational fluid dynamics to air pollution problems.