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New York Stem Cell Fund - Neuroscience

Manager: Nicole Gadway
Priority: Open


Founded in the Spring of 2005 to accelerate the cures of major diseases of the time through stem cell resarch




To be eligible, candidates must:
• Have completed one or more of the following degrees: MD, PhD, DPhil
• Be within 5 years of starting a faculty (professorship) or comparable position on June 1, 2015
• Have demonstrated ability to independently supervise staff and research
• Have a publication record containing articles that are innovative and high impact


Grants range from $1.5M over 5 years in grants to $200,000 for one year


$200,000 (2013) Dr. Wagers Stanford University

Dr. Wagers research program that focuses on the regulation and therapeutic potential of blood and muscle forming stem cells. Her lab uncovered a role for blood-bourne factors in aging-related degenerative changes, including finding a hormone that regulates aging through stem cell "rejuvenation"

$200,000 (2010) Marius Wernig Harvard University

He and his team discovered that human skin cells can be converted directly into functional neurons, termed induced neuronal (iN) cells. This technique transformed the field of cellular reprogramming by eliminating the need to first create iPS cells, making it easier to generate patient-specific or disease-specific neurons. Potential applications for the cells range from replacing damaged brain tissue to identifying novel drugs and treatments for a range of neurological diseases.