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Rasmussen Foundation (V. Kann)

Manager: Elizabeth Colello
Priority: Open


Founded in 1991, the V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation’s (VKRF) work is based on the premise that human activities lie at the core of most environmental problems, and human creativity and collaboration are at the heart of solving the problems these activities create. The environmental mission of VKRF is to support the transition to a more environmentally resilient, stable, and sustainable planet. We believe best practices for promoting sustainability will be most effectively developed through an integrated systems approach and one that furthers the involvement of an informed public in environmental decision making.


climate change, unsustainable consumption, loss of biodiversity


Must fufull at least one requirement

  • take stock of the scale of the environmental problems
  • use a systems approach to achieve change
  • link policy, advocacy, and practical solution
  • have international significance and perspective – even if US based
  • are based on original thinking and creative ideas
  • Ecosystem services - research and tools of relevance to large scale geographic areas including many countries and continents
  • Natural greenhouse gas sequestration and storage with large-scale impact potential
  • Agro-biodiversity


approximately 120 million dollars in grants to 120 organizations.


organisation that have gotten  funding

Climate Solutions

Energy Action Coalition

Foundation Earth

Friends of the Earth

Green Corps

Global Call of Climate Action

Innovation Network for Communities

Investor Environmental Health Network

League of Conservation Voters Education Fund

New Energy Economy

New School for Social Research

Oil Change International

OPEN (Online Progressive Engagement Network)

Physicians for Social Responsibility – LA

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility

Rainforest Action Network

Responsible Endowments Coalition

Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative

The Global Development and Environment Institute at Tufts University