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Research Corporation for Science Advancement

Manager: Nicole Gadway
Priority: Open


Incorporated in 1912 in NY.

The technology transfer program for identifying, patenting and licensing inventions from academic institutions, operated for many years by Research Corporation, was transferred to Research Corporation Technologies, a nonprofit corporation subject to regular corporate income tax laws, on March 2, 1987, in accordance with Section 1605(c) of the Tax Reform Act of 1986. The foundation also transferred $35 million as a program-related investment and all its patent rights to the new organization in accordance with the act.


astronomy, chemistry, physics, science


No grants to individuals directly, or for building or endowment funds, indirect costs, common supplies and services, tuition, research leave to start new projects, faculty academic year salaries, post-doctoral or graduate student stipends, secretarial assistance, general support, scholarships, fellowships, publications, travel expenses to scientific meetings, or matching gifts; no loans.


Total giving: $3,019,998

Qualifying distributions: $8,056,240

Giving activities include:

$3,019,998 for 119 grants (high: $72,500; low: $600)

$8,056,240 for foundation-administered programs


Cottrell College Science Awards Antos, John M.Western Washington University WA Chemistry2015

Cottrell Scholar Awards Atherton, Timonthy Tufts University MA Physics2015

Cottrell College Science Awards Battat, JamesWellesley College MA Physics2015

Cottrell College Science Awards Cadden-Zimansky, PaulBard College NY Physics2015

Cottrell College Science Awards Charkoudian, LouiseHaverford College PA Chemistry2015