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W.K. Kellogg

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The W.K. Kellogg Foundation (WKKF), founded in 1930 as an independent, private foundation by breakfast cereal pioneer Will Keith Kellogg, is among the largest philanthropic foundations in the United States. Guided by the belief that all children should have an equal opportunity to thrive, WKKF works with communities to create conditions for vulnerable children so they can realize their full potential in school, work and life.


kids education, kids heath


In general, they do not provide funding for operational phases of established programs, capital requests (which includes the construction, purchase, renovation, and/or furnishing of facilities), equipment, conferences and workshops, scholarships or tuition assistance, films, television and/or radio programs, endowments, development campaigns, or research/studies unless they are an integral part of a larger program budget being considered for funding.


Grants ranging from $5000 to $1,200,000


Sep. 1, 2007 - Aug. 31, 2008
$15,000 Restaurant Opportunities Center of New York, Inc.

Enable low-wage restaurant workers to advance to living-wage jobs by supporting a job training and placement program

June 1, 2001 - Dec. 31, 2002
$60,000 City University of New York Graduate School and University Center

Participate in WKKF rollout activities and release findings of the Devolution Initiative New York

Dec. 1, 1992 - April 30, 1996
$308,565 City University of New York Hunter College

Improve the health of Latina women through an empowerment training program in women's health and a student internship program