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Walmart Foundation

Manager: Cheryl Mirer
Priority: Open


Established in 1979 in AR.


aging, agriculture, arts, civil/human rights, education, environment, health care, public health, nutrition


Giving on a national basis in areas of company operations, with emphasis on AR, Washington, DC, DE, GA, MA. MD, NY, TN, TX, UT, and VA.

No support for faith-based organizations not of direct benefit to the entire community, political candidates or organizations, athletic teams, or discriminatory organizations.

No grants to individuals (except for scholarships), or for multi-year funding, annual meetings, contests or pageants, political causes or campaigns, advertising, film, or video projects, research, athletic sponsorships or events, tickets for contests, raffles, or any other activities with prizes, travel, capital campaigns, endowments, association or chamber memberships, or registration fees, research, salaries, stipends, trips, rewards, construction costs, or projects that send products or people to a foreign country.


Total giving: $182,859,236

Qualifying distributions: $182,859,236

Giving activities include:

$182,859,236 for 13225 grants (high: $7,721,220; low: $30)


  • $7,721,220 to Feeding America, Chicago, IL, in 2013.
  • $6,508,555 to YMCA of the U.S.A., Chicago, IL, in 2013.
  • $5,910,071 to United Way Worldwide, Alexandria, VA, in 2013.
  • $4,256,498 to National Summer Learning Association, Baltimore, MD, in 2013.
  • $2,183,302 to International Youth Foundation, Baltimore, MD, in 2013.
  • $2,067,250 to American Cancer Society, Atlanta, GA, in 2013.
  • $1,500,000 to Alliance for a Healthier Generation, Portland, OR, in 2013.
  • $36,500 to Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, Tulsa, OK, in 2013.
  • $25,000 to Northwest New Mexico Seniors, Farmington, NM, in 2013.
  • $10,000 to Bentonville Public Schools Foundation, Bentonville, AR, in 2013.