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Bell Labs Prize

Manager: Nicole Gadway
Priority: Open


Since Bell Labs opened its doors in 1925, it has been consistently tasked with solving difficult industrial problems. Our diversity of researchers, emphasis on publishing and depth and breadth in the range of scientific and mathematical disciplines in the labs has set us apart from the beginning.


communications technologies


The Bell Labs Prize is a competition for innovators from participating countries around the globe that seeks to recognize proposals that ‘change the game’ in the field of information and communications technologies by a factor of 10, and provides selected innovators the unique opportunity to collaborate with Bell Labs researchers to help realize their vision.


Only fund New Englad.


 1st prize of $100K, 2nd Prize of $50K and 3rd prize of $25K


$100,000 (2014) Emmanuel Abbe

To fund the build of a new algorithms that can efficiently extract clusters or communities of similar data from huge uncoordinated datasets. Abbe has demonstrated that there is a fundamental limit to our ability to compute cluster relationships, and the limit is analogous to the Shannon communication theory limit.