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Capital One Foundation

Manager: Cheryl Mirer
Priority: Open


Established in 1994 in NY.


community development, education


Giving primarily in Washington, DC, greater New Orleans, LA, MD, northern and central NJ, New York City and Long Island, NY, the greater Dallas and Houston, TX, areas, and Fairfax County, VA; giving also to national organizations.

No support for political, labor, fraternal organizations, or civic clubs, religious organizations not of direct benefit of the entire community, or health-related organizations.

No grants to individuals, or for fundraising or fellowships, advertising or marketing activities, sports, athletic events, or athletic programs, travel-related events including student trips or tours, development or production of books, films, videos, or television programs, or memorial campaigns.


Year ended 2013-12-31

Assets: $44,227,843 (market value)

Gifts received: $101,828

Expenditures: $7,946,968

Total giving: $7,586,614

Qualifying distributions: $7,748,522

Giving activities include:

$7,586,614 for 130 grants (high: $350,000; low: $5,000)


The following grants are a representative sample of this grantmaker's funding activity:

  • $599,000 to Enterprise Community Partners, Columbia, MD, in 2011.
  • $299,000 to Local Initiatives Support Corporation, New York, NY, in 2011.
  • $299,000 to National Academy Foundation, New York, NY, in 2011.
  • $299,000 to New Visions for Public Schools, New York, NY, in 2011.
  • $167,750 to Scholarship America, Saint Peter, MN, in 2011.
  • $74,000 to Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation, Brooklyn, NY, in 2011.
  • $49,000 to Communities in Schools Houston, Houston, TX, in 2011.
  • $34,000 to Long Island Housing Partnership, Hauppauge, NY, in 2011.
  • $14,000 to Saint Nicks Alliance Corporation, Brooklyn, NY, in 2011.
  • $9,000 to Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation, New York, NY, in 2011.