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Hearst Foundations

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Founded by the late William Randolph Hearst, who was a newspaper magnate and publisher whose chain of papers included the San Francisco Examiner and New York Journal. In addition, Hearst served in Congress as a United States Representative. With assets valued over $230 million, the Hearst Foundation, Inc., is the smaller of the two Hearst foundations. The other is the William Randolph Hearst Foundation, which is ranked among the nation's 100 largest foundations. Both Hearst foundations are strongly committed to education, health, social service, and culture. The same individuals serve on the boards of both foundations, which are administered through the New York headquarters and the San Francisco offices.


culture, higher education, health, social service


Giving limited to the U.S. and its territories.

No support for public policy, or public policy research, advocacy, or foreign countries.

No grants to individuals, or for media or publishing projects, conferences, workshops, seminars, seed funding, multi-year grants, special events, tables, or advertising for fundraising events; no loans or program-related investments.


Total giving: $11,310,000

Qualifying distributions: $12,690,918

Giving activities include:

$11,310,000 for 135 grants (high: $350,000; low: $25,000)


$100,000 (2015) Bard College

Toward the Bard High School Early College program.


$75,000 (2015) Belmont University

To provide current-use scholarships for undergraduate student


$150,000 (2015) College of St. Scholastica

To support the Comprehensive Collegiate Center for Clinical Competence at the School of Nursing.