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Hewlett Family Foundation, Inc.

Manager: Cheryl Mirer
Priority: Open


Established in 1998 in FL.


arts, education, environment


No grants to individuals.


grants range (high: $280,000,000; low: $15,000)


$50,000 (2014) Stanford University

Grant Purpose: For metrics development for a cluster of grantees working on performance assessments


$199,540 (2015) University of Mississippi

Grant Description: The University of Mississippi is the flagship research university in the state and a leader in researching and implementing OER in higher education classrooms nationally. By seeding OER throughout Mississippi’s higher education system, the University would expand upon the Z-degree model—a pathway developed at Tidewater Community College for students to achieve two- and four-year degrees with zero textbook costs. This work promotes OER adoption and equitable access to education for all learners.

$60,000 (2015) Rice University

Grant Description:Rice University launched OpenStax College in 2012 to develop and disseminate a library of high-quality, openly licensed textbooks for the 25 most popular college courses in the United States. The College would contract with Advanced Business Solutions to gather market data to further facilitate the adoption of open textbooks in its library. This project will advance the Education Program’s goals of establishing a self-sustaining and adaptive global OER infrastructure by raising awareness and driving adoption of OER alternatives to traditional educational materials.


$400,000 (2015) Bard College

Grant Description:This grant would support the Levy Economics Institute at Bard College to integrate gender in economic policies by advancing knowledge about the depth of women’s poverty. The Institute would engage scholars to define a research agenda to advance understanding of women’s economic empowerment and its relationship to macroeconomic policy.