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J.M. McDonald Foundation

Manager: Elizabeth Colello
Priority: Restricted


In the spring of 1952, J.M. McDonald established the J.M. McDonald Foundation, Inc.


education, humanities, human services


1. No grants can be made to projects to influence legislation or elections.
2. Not to make grants solely for conferences, seminars, workshops, travel or exhibits.
3. Applications and inquiries must be made by persons authorized by the organization, and should be endorsed by the administration head of the organization.
4. An informal report to be made by grantees, within 6 months, on how the funds were expended. A final report to be made by grantees, within 12 months, on how the funds were actually expended.
5. Meeting with applicants may be arranged only if it serves a useful purpose.
6. Not to favor Trustee membership in organizations to which grants are made.
7. Grants will not be awarded in successive years unless originated with a multi-year objective.


Grants range from $5,000 to  $50,000


$32,000 (2013) St. Lawrence University

To transform 700 square-foot former agricultural outbuilding into a classroom and laboratory space.

$5,000 (2014) St. Anne Institute

To fund the Institute’s Capital Maintenance Projects. These projects are to improve the St. Anne environment making the buildings and grounds a safe place.

$25,000 (2014) Clarkson University

To support laboratory upgrades in the Department of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering.