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Lake Placid Education Fund

Manager: Nicole Gadway
Priority: Open


Adirondack Foundation inspires donors, builds partnerships and mobilizes resources to support the needs of communities, nonprofits and individuals. Adirondack Foundation is the largest private grantmaker in the Adirondack region, focusing on five broad program areas: education, culture, human well-being, environment and community vitality. Adirondack Foundation works proactively to identify current and emerging issues in three key areas – community vitality, connectivity and healthy environment – and develops the resources to address them.


educcation, culture, connectivity, environment


Although grants can be made elsewhere, primary support goes to applicants in the Adirondack region area of New York State. Except in very special circumstances, grants are not awarded to organizations for land acquisition, building construction, or endowment purposes. Additionally, grants are not made to individuals.


Grants range from $500 to as much as $50,000 in special circumstances. Total annual grants in recent years have amounted to $280,000.


All of these grant were given in 2013

$650 Adirondack Art Association to help purchase a gallery

$5000 Toledo Symphony for working community of musical artists in our area who perpetuate the experience of superb musical performances