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L’Oréal Women in Science Fellowships

Manager: Nicole Gadway
Priority: Open


It was thus natural for the Foundation to choose this as a field of activity. It has committed itself to making science accessible, a shared and encouraged activity, which the Foundation has chosen to support.



biology/life sciences, cancer, chemistry, computer science, education, engineering, health care, mathematics, science


Giving primarily on a national basis in areas of company operations; giving also to national organizations.


The L’Oréal USA For Women in Science fellowship program has awarded 55 post-doctoral women scientists $2.5 million in grants since 2003.


$60,000 (2015) PROFESSOR MOLLY S. SHOICHET for the development of new materials to regenerate damaged nerve tissue and for a new method that can deliver drugs directly to the spinal cord and brain.

$60,000 (2015)  PROFESSOR DAME CAROL ROBINSON for creating a revolutionary method for studying how proteins function, particularly membrane proteins, and establishing a whole new scientific field: gas phase structural biology.

$60,000 (2015) PROFESSOR RAJAA CHERKAOUI EL MOURSLI in physics: proof of the existence of the Higgs Boson, the particle responsible for the creation of mass in the universe.