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SRAS Research Abroad Grant

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Scholarship: $1000

Location: Russia

Semesters:Fall, Spring

GPA Requirement:  3.2



  1. A copy of your research proposal (see the application above);
  2. A curriculum vitae (listing professional and academic experience);
  3. Two writing samples of more than 15 pages (preferably related to your research or, at minimum, to a field of Russia-related study);

More Information:

The grant is applied toward the recipient's SRAS account as partial payment of the required SRAS educational program and any optionalresearch services requested. On the basis of that educational program, SRAS will assist the student in obtaining the proper visa and affordable housing, obtaining health insurance, and gaining official Russian university affiliation (needed to gain access to many archives. Optional research services can assist in locating translators and experts in the field, navigating archives, etc.). In addition, depending on the program chosen, it will provide lessons in language and other subjects. 


3 months before program starts.