University Sites & Academic Partners

West Virginia University: Founding and managing CITeR site with focus on biometrics and related identification technology and systems.

University of Arizona: CITeR site with focus on automated credibility assessment systems.

Clarkson University: Third CITeR site and lead site (starting in 2011) with focus on logical identity and intelligence.

University of Buffalo: Fourth CITeR site (starting in 2013) with focus on traditional and soft biometrics,  fusion, cryptography, and mobile applications.

Michigan State University:  Planned University Site

Partner Institutions:

  • St. Lawrence University
  • University of Oklahoma
  • University of Missouri, KC
  • University of Alabama


Stephanie Schuckers
Director, CITeR
Paynter Krigman Professor of Engineering Science, ECE
Joseph Skufca
Associate Professor, Mathematics & Computer Sciences

Chen Liu
Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

William Jemison
Professor and Chair of  Electrical and Computer Engineering

Matt Valenti
Director, CITeR WVU Site

Donald Adjeroh
Thirimachos Bourlai
Assistant Professor
Jeremy Dawson
Assistant Research Professor
Guodong Guo
Assistant Professor
Nathan Kalka
Research Associate
Judee Burgoon
Director, CITeR UA Site
Professor & Director of Human
Communication Research
Jay Nunamaker
Professor & Director of Center for
Management of Information
Venu Govindaraju
Director, CITeR UB Site
SUNY Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and Engineering

Ifeoma Nwogu
Research Assistant Professor

Srirangaraj Setlur
Principal Research Scientist

Sergey Tulyakov
Research Scientist

Arun Ross
Professor, Computer Science & Engineering

Anil Jain
Professor, Computer Science & Engineering 

CITeR: Center for Identification Technology Research

Center Faculty Laboratory Sites:

Biosignal Analysis Laboratory

Center for Management of Information

Center for Identification Technology Research (WVU Site page)

Center for Unified Biometrics and Sensors (CUBS) 

MSU Biometrics Research Homepage

Statistical Analysis of Biometric Error Rate (SABER) Lab

CITeR Contact Information:
Clarkson Phone: 315-268-6536
WVU Phone: 304-293-1455
Arizona Phone: 520-621-5818
UB Phone: 716-645-1558
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