Tool Downloads

Periodically, CITeR makes available for download specific software developed as a part of its research portfolio which Center Members believe may be of significant value to the biometrics community. Regular CITeR Members have already received executable versions of these software tools and work with CITeR faculty in their use and advancement.

Biometric Dataset Collections

Biometric data is available by request for research purposes.  Datasets include multimodal collection of six modalities (face, finger, palm, hand geometry, voice, iris), off-angle irises, synthetic irises, and face/iris videos at a distances. Dataset records are made available to researchers only after the receipt and acceptance of a completed and signed Database Release Agreement.  Please submit all requests for the dataset to the contact listed by each dataset.


CITeR: Center for Identification Technology Research

CITeR Contact Information:
Clarkson Phone: 315-268-6536
WVU Phone: 304-293-1455
Arizona Phone: 520-621-5818
UB Phone: 716-645-1558
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