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Communication & Media Career Opportunities

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What do communicators do?
Communicators are interested in creating and designing communication projects (Web pages, documents, videos, etc.) and processes (information architecture, rhetoric, graphic design, etc.) that help people solve problems and learn new things. A communicator's skill lies in his or her ability to determine the best way to present information to a specific audience. It's the job of the communicator to creatively construct new forms of knowledge from existing information.

What kinds of careers are available?
Graduates are working as webmasters, graphic designers, multimedia programmers, information and software engineers, marketing assistants, interface designers, network administrators, performance analysts, technical writers, and public relations executives. A short list of companies who hire our graduates includes:

  • Atlantis Technology
  • General Electric
  • IBM
  • Interactive Media Consulting, LLC
  • Latitude Consulting Group
  • Mentor Graphics
  • Provox Technologies
  • WebMD
  • The Ladders
  • Accenture

Where will your career begin?
Much of the job growth in professional occupations between now and 2012 will be in computing, health, information, education, and training. New York State alone predicts an increase of almost 20,000 new positions in arts, design, entertainment, and media occupations by 2012. Contact us for more information on careers in new media.

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