CS 345 Automata Theory
Course Syllabus -- Fall 1997

Instructor: J. Lynch
Office: SC325
Phone: x2374
email: jlynch@polaris or jlynch@sun.mcs

Office hours: MWF 9:3011:30

Text: An Introduction to Formal Languages and Automata by Peter Linz


We will attempt to cover the entire text, in order, although the last two chapters (13 & 14) will be covered lightly. That will mean approximately one chapter each week.

  • Two hourlies: 30%
  • Final: 30%
  • Homework: 40%

Hourly exam dates:

  • Wednesday, October 1, 7:008:00 P.M., SC 111
  • Wednesday, November 5, 7:008:00 P.M., SC 111

Exams and final will be open book and notes: you may use any information source you like except another human.

The homework will consist of exercises, primarily from the text, although other exercises may also be assigned. The homework will be assigned on a weekly basis, except for those weeks when there is an exam or holiday. In determining the 40% portion of your grade that is based on homework, your two lowest homework grades will be dropped, and the remaining ones will be weighted equally.

Since homework is the best way for you to learn this subject, a large portion of your grade is based on the homework. I hope this will not be abused. All work in this course should be individual effort. It is perfectly fine (and even encouraged) to discuss the homework problems with me or other students, but the work should be your own. A first time or minor infraction of this policy on a homework assignment will be penalized by a grade of 0 for that assignment. Repeated or flagrant violations will result in a grade of F for the course. Any violation of this policy on an exam will result in a grade of F for the course.