CS100/MA100: Freshman Seminar
Fall 1998

Period 8 (4:00-4:50) Tuesdays in Lecture Hall SC162
Lab sessions Tuesdays in SC336, periods 7 (3:00-3:50) and 8 (4:00-4:50)


Janice T. Searleman (375 Science Center, 268-2377, jets@clarkson.edu)

Office hours: To be arranged. I'll also be glad to make an appointment for some other time--just let me know when (call or send email).

Next class meeting:

Tuesday 8 September in Science Center SC336 at 3:00 or 4:00 (depending on which section you are enrolled in). Come at the time you are scheduled for lab.

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Last modified: 18 August 1998
Janice T. Searleman