CS100/MA100: Freshman Seminar
Course Syllabus -- Fall 1999


Janice T. Searleman (375 Science Center, 268-2377, jets@clarkson.edu)
Office hours: to be announced.


  • Learn to use important software tools (including HTML, Maple, email, and spreadsheets)
  • Develop your communication skills
  • Learn to work effectively in teams
  • Meet MCS students and faculty

Class Meetings:

We will meet once per week on Tuesday afternoons, either in "lecture" or lab:
  • Lecture: everyone together in Lecture Hall SC162, period 1 (1:00-1:50). This is "section 01".
  • Lab: in Computer Lab SC336, split into three sections: section 11 at period 5 (1:00-1:50), section 12 at period 6 (2:00-2:50), and section 13 at period 7 (3:00-3:50). Go to the section you are registered for.
To know where to meet each week, check the course homepage. Also see the online course schedule.


This is a required course for freshmen majoring in Math or Computer Science. There will be no exams. To pass, you must:
  • Participate in each class session. You will work in a small team and complete a short assignment during class (sometimes to be finished outside class).
  • Complete two projects (one oral/slide presentation and one written/poster presentation). You will work in a small team outside of class; you must contribute to both the content and presentation.
  • Evaluate the presentations given by other teams in class.
If you have to miss a class, you must submit an excuse from the Dean of Students (201c Cheel) to Professor Searleman.

Additional Course Information:

All announcements, schedule updates, handouts, etc., will be posted on the Freshman Seminar homepage (http://www.clarkson.edu/~jets/mcs100/). Check it out before coming to class.
Last modified: 23 August 1999
Janice T. Searleman