CS 341 Programming Languages
Fall 2000

Brief Description. This course will cover two major programming paradigms. The first half of the course is a solid introduction to logic programming using the language Prolog. The second half of the course aims to deepen your understanding of object-oriented programming. The language Java will be used to illustrate the concepts and for the programming assignments. C++ may also be used.

Instructor. Alexis Maciel. Science Center 379, 268-2385, alexis@clarkson.edu.

Office Hours. Monday to Friday 3:00-4:00, and by appointment.

Required Texts.

Michael A. Covington, Donald Nute and André Vellino, Prolog Programming in Depth, Prentice Hall, 1997.

Thimothy Budd, Understanding Object-Oriented Programming with Java, updated edition, Addison-Wesley, 2000 (ISBN 0-201-61273-9).

Grading. Final grades in the course will be computed according to the following scheme:




Homework assignments






Test 1



Test 2



Test 3



Final exam



The assignment policy for the course will be stated on the first assignment. The average grade on Tests 1 and 2 will replace any lower grade on a logic programming quiz. The average grade on Test 3 and the final exam will replace any lower grade on an object-oriented programming quiz. Tentative dates for the tests: September 27, October 25 and November 15.

Students majoring in computer science or mathematics who are attempting to satisfy the requirements for Honors in the Major: To earn a grade of Honors in this course, students must earn an A in the regular course work and in any additional Honors work that may be specified as homework assignment and on the tests and final exam. Students not attempting the Honors grade do not need to do the additional work.