CS242 01: Advanced Programming Concepts in Java


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Course Materials
Required texts:

  1. Effective Java Programming Language Guide
    by Joshua Bloch
    Sun Microsystems, Inc., ISBN 0-201-31005-8
  2. The Essence of Object-Oriented Programming with Java and UML by Bruce Wampler
    Addison-Wesley Professional, ISBN 0-201-73410-9
  3. The Java Tutorial
    Sun Microsystems, Inc. webpage

Some good Java references and texts (not required):

  1. Beginning Java2 SDK 1.4 Edition
    by Ivor Horton
    Wrox Press, ISBN 0-7645-4365-2
  2. Thinking in Java, 3rd Edition
    by Bruce Eckel
    Prentice-Hall, ISBN 0-131-00287-2. (Available on-line)
  3. Java 2: The Complete Reference, Third Edition
    by Patrick Naughton & Herbert Schildt
    McGraw-Hill/Osbourne Media, ISBN 0-07-211976-4
  4. Advanced Java2 Platform: How to Program
    by Deitel, Deitel & Santry
    Prentice-Hall, ISBN 0-13-089560-1

    Course Goals

    1. Students will learn advanced programming concepts and modern programming techniques. These will include object-oriented design and design patterns, graphical user interfaces (GUIs), event models, exception handling, multithreading, network programming and the client/server paradigm.
    2. Students will learn the Java programming language and core APIs, the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), and Java Foundation Classes (JFC/Swing).

    Course Policies

    1. Course Objective 1: Students will demonstrate their mastery of advanced programming concepts and programming techniques in the exams, homeworks and programming projects.

    2. Course Objective 2: Java will be used as the programming language throughout the course for all homework and programs.


    Grading will be based on three programming assignments, one programming project, two exams and a final. Late programs will not be accepted unless approved beforehand, or in the case of unexpected illnesses or personal problems, by the Dean of Student Life. Absence from an exam must be approved beforehand, or in case of unexpected absences, by the Dean of Student Life. No A or B exemptions from the final will be given.

    The grade will be determined as follows:

    Three programming assignments, each worth 10% of the total grade

    One programming project, worth 20% of the total grade

    Two Exams, each worth 10% of the total grade

    Exam dates:
    Wednesday, September 24
    Wednesday, October 29

    Final Exam, worth 30% of the total grade

    Course Term
    From August 25, 2003 To December 5, 2003

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