CS707 Seminar in Computer Science (Fall 2006)

Instructor: Christino Tamon, email: last_four_letters_of_first_name@clarkson.edu
Place: TR 11am SC 344

Course Objectives

Course Outcomes

The ability to present a formal computer science research talk.


Each student is expected to present two talks during the course and to submit abstracts or proposals prior to the talk presentations. Each talk should be either on the current ongoing research of the student or a presentation of an important background reading relevant to the subsequent research of the student. Each talk, short and long, should be prepared using online slides (using PPT, PDF, etc.). Prior to the talk, send me an email containing the abstract of the talk (at least one week ahead). Attendance is mandatory on all talks (unless there are exceptional circumstances).


Select, as soon as possible, times for your short and long talks during the semester. Remember to consult with your research advisor for the timing of the long talks. An updated schedule will be posted as requests are made over the semester. All talks will be in Science Center 344 between 11:00-12:15.

Tuesday Thursday
09/19/06 09/21/06
09/26/06 09/28/06
break 10/05/06
Short talks: Patty Jablonski, Todd DeShane
10/10/06 10/12/06
10/17/06 10/19/06
10/24/06 10/26/06
Short talks: Eric Busse
Speaker: Hai Lin
Title: TBA
Advisor: Chris Lynch
Speaker: Patty Jablonski
Title: Autonomic File System Protection and Recovery
Advisor: Jeanna Matthews
11/07/06 11/09/06
11/14/06 11/16/06
11/21/06 break
11/28/06 11/30/06
Speaker: Eric Busse
Title: TBA
Advisor: Jeanna Matthews
12/05/06 12/07/06


The grading (Pass/Fail) will be based on the following items: