Lecturer: James F. Lynch
Office: SC-381
Phone: 268-2374
E-mail: jlynch@clarkson.edu
Office hours: TuTh 10:45AM-12:00PM and 1:15PM-2:30PM
Lecture hours: TuTh 2:30PM-3:45PM SC-162
Text: Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C++, by Mark Allen Weiss


We will cover most of Chapters 1-7 in the text, and possibly selected topics from Chapter 9. The best (and only) way to learn this material is by actually doing it. We will attempt this in two ways:
  1. Programming assignments, which will be turned in and graded.
  2. Problems from the text, which will be posted as links from this site. To encourage everyone to work on these problems, alternate Thursday classes will be devoted to working on some of the problems. During these sessions, you can work on the problems with other students, and ask me about them. At the end of the class, you will turn in your work. This approach is being used in the large engineering classes at Clarkson and has been very successful. The first problem session will be during the Thursday, January 20 class, and the rest will be every other Thursday (except for Spring Break).


Grading will be based on exams, final, and homework. The homework will be four programming assignments, plus problem sets that you should turn in at the end of each problem session.
Three hourly exams: 40%
Final: 20%
Homework: 40%
Hourly exam dates: Tuesday, February 8
  Tuesday, March 7
  Tuesday, April 18
Program due dates: Friday, February 11
  Friday, March 3
  Friday, March 31
  Friday, April 21

All programming in this course should be individual effort. It is perfectly fine (and even encouraged) to discuss the programs with me or other students, but the work should be your own. A first time or minor infraction of this policy on a programming assignment will be penalized by a grade of 0 for that assignment. Repeated or flagrant violations will result in a grade of F for the course.

Homework Assignments:
[To be posted]