CS 451/551: Artificial Intelligence
Course Syllabus -- Spring 2002

Professor: Chris Lynch
Office: 377 Science Center
Phone: 268-2384
E-mail: clynch@clarkson.edu

Office Hours: Weekdays 11-12

Course Objective: This course is a comprehensive introduction to core concepts in artificial intelligence (AI), and surveys active research areas. Topics covered are:

Text and Software: Grading Policy:

The homework assignments may be done in groups of two, and are due in class on the date posted.

The project allows you to explore in more depth an area of AI, such as natural language understanding, computer vision, intelligent tutoring systems, neural networks, or whatever you find most interesting. You may work in teams of two on a project of sufficient scope, as approved by the instructor. A proposal describing your project is due on Friday, February 22, and the project itself is due on Friday, April 21. You are required to demonstrate your project to the instructor during the last week of class.

Tentative Course Outline

We will do the first three topics in detail, and only touch on the last four.
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