CS 708 Computer Science Seminar
Spring 2004

Official Course Description. None.

Prerequisites. None.

Location and Times. TBA.

Instructor. Alexis Maciel. Science Center 379, 268-2385, alexis@clarkson.edu.

Office Hours. M 10:00-12:00, W 2:00-4:00, Th 1:00-2:00.

Required Text. None.

Course Objectives.

  1. To get wider exposure to computer science research activity.

  2. To learn what makes a presentation effective by witnessing talks given by a range of presenters.

  3. To gain experience in giving your own presentations.
Demonstrable outcomes. By the end of the semester,

Evaluation. This course is offered for one credit on a pass/no credit basis. All students are required to attend at least 80% of all departmental CS talks. This includes CS colloquiums, CS student thesis defenses, student presentations made as part of the CS Seminar, and possibly other talks identified by the instructor as the semester progresses. Students will not be required to attend more than two talks in any given week. Excuses will be given in case of conflicts with classes or TA duties.

Students must also make a presentation on their thesis work. This could be on results obtained or on background material. The presentation must be approved in advance by the student's thesis advisor and then judged to have been of satisfactory quality by the advisor.