CS708 Seminar in Computer Science (Spring 2007)

Instructor: Christino Tamon
Meeting/Place: Tuesday/Thursday 08:00-09:15 Science Center 354


The objective is to acquire basic communication skills required in a formal research discourse in computer science.
The outcome is the ability to present, to engage, and to critique a formal research exposition in computer science.



Select, as soon as possible, times for your talk. Remember to consult with your research advisor for the timing of the talk. An updated schedule will be posted as requests are made over the semester. All talks will be in Science Center 354 during class time.

Tuesday Thursday
03/13/07 03/15/07
03/20/07: Spring break 03/22/07: Spring break
03/27/07 03/29/07
04/03/07 04/05/07 Advisor: D. Hou
04/10/07 04/12/07 Advisor: C. Lynch
04/17/07 Advisor: D. Hou 04/19/07 Advisor: J. Matthews
04/24/07 Advisor: J. Matthews 04/26/07 (both talks at the ITL) Advisor: J. Matthews

Grading Components

The grading (Pass/Fail) will be based on the following criteria: