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Information Technology Minor

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Nature of the Program Information Technology is an emerging discipline in which practitioners draw on a base of expertise that is grounded in problem solving and programming, computing systems, database technology, networking and network security, web technologies and system administration. These practitioners are prepared to work with end users to support computer and web-based applications that are essential in their organizations and enterprises.

Clarkson University is an institution with particular strengths in engineering, science, and business. With these strengths in areas that are critical in development of the infrastructure for today's high tech enterprises in a globally diverse economy, the University is in a strong position to offer students a balanced minor in Information Technology that is available to all undergraduate students. The minor allows students in any major to gain a thorough grounding in the core areas of IT while pursuing their studies in their chosen field. Students receive a Bachelor of Science degree in their chosen major with a minor in Information Technology.

Requirements for the Minor Information Technology is fundamentally interdisciplinary, thus the minor is interdepartmental. Students choosing to minor in IT are required to take seven courses intended to build their expertise in problem solving and programming, computing systems, database technology, networking, security, web technologies and system administration. In order to minor in IT, a student must satisfactorily complete seven courses, chosen from among those listed below:

  • Two courses in problem solving and programming: CS141 or EE261, and CS142 or EE361
  • One course in computer systems CS241 or EE360
  • One course in database administration IS414*
  • One course in computer networks CS454 or EE407/CS455
  • Two courses concerned with web technologies and administration COMM442 and COMM444

* For School of Business Majors for whom IS414 is not a required course, IS211 may be used to fulfill this requirement.

In order to qualify for an IT minor, a student must complete at least one IT-related course in each school of the University, not including those listed in item #1 above.

Minimum Total Credits for the Minor = 21

In addition you must satisfy University requirements regarding Minors:

  • A minimum 2.0 grade point average is required in the minor;
  • Only zero credit hour courses can be designated as pass/no entry;
  • At least one-fourth of the credit hours required must be completed at Clarkson, unless an exception is approved by the Dean of the minor program.

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