Alumni Magazine Fall 2016 - page 30-31

Fall 2016
Fall 2016
Talissa A. Altes ’81
(ECE) has been named
chair of the Department
of Radiology at the
University of Missouri
School of Medicine. In
addition, she will hold the
endowed title of Gwilym
S. and Maria Antonia
Lodwick Distinguished
Professorship in Radiology.
On April 2, the
Joel Davie ’86
(ChE) family from Maryland were in Lake Placid for
young daughter Sarah to play hockey with her team in a tournament. Clarkson
Professor Richard Partch and his wife, JoAnne, were there to watch the action.
(l-r): son Mark, JoAnne, Joel in back, wife Lisa, Sarah and Richard.
Kevin T. Parker ’81
(Ac) is the new
chair of the board of directors at Aptos
(formerly Epicor Retail Solutions) in
Atlanta, Ga. Aptos is a recognized market
leader in retail technology solutions with
over 122,000 stores live on its platform.
More than 500 retail brands across
the globe rely on cloud-ready Aptos
solutions to generate over $523 billion
in annual revenue.
Robert S. O’Keefe ’82
(Mkt) has joined
the DuPont Fabros Technology executive
team as senior vice president and chief
marketing officer. He will be overseeing
all of DFT’s marketing, communications
and digital & brand management efforts.
John P. Coates ’84
(ID) is the new chief
operating officer at Precision AirConvey
in Newark, Del.
Adam G. Lepp ’84, ’85
(Cm, MS Cm)
has rekindled the “radio bug” inside
himself and currently hosts Adam The
Computer Guy Show on WWGH 107.1
FM in Marion, Ohio, on Tuesdays and
Thursdays at 9 a.m.
Lee A. Palmateer ’84
(ME), attorney for Lee
Palmateer Law Office in Albany, has been
recognized for excellence byWorldwide
Registry for showing dedication, leadership
and excellence in law.
Gregg W. Baumann ’86
Navy Captain and director of Ocean
Engineering, supervisor of Salvage and
Diving, led the search for the merchant
vessel El Faro lost at sea on October
1, 2015, during Hurricane Joaquin’s hit
on the Bahamas. The 40-year-old U.S.-
flagged ship was headed to Puerto Rico
from Jacksonville, Fla., with 33 people
aboard. A remotely controlled submarine
with a camera operating almost three
miles below the ocean’s surface
identified the cargo ship on November 3.
Elizabeth P. Hayes ’86
(ECE) became
the deputy chief information officer of
Vassar College.
Invention. For the Mininbergs, It’s a Family Affair.
What does a technically minded family do for fun? — Invent something and get a U.S. patent!
The CS Lockout Device is the
brainchild of
Gus Mininberg ’82
(ID) and his two sons,
(MBA) and Mark, a student
at Union College. The three
collaborated on the invention,
design and prototype of the Lock
Out/Tag Out (LOTO) protection
device for pistol grip rotary
control switches used on circuit
breakers in switchgear.
The safety lockout device is designed
to prevent accidental operation in various
industries, from electrical generation plants
and mining facilities to factories and nuclear
research facilities.
Gus noted the need for a LOTO device
for rotary control switches from his own
observations in the high-voltage electric field
over the last 30 years. He is the founder and
CEO of High Voltage Electric
Service Inc., a high-voltage electrical testing
and maintenance facility in Albany. “I also had
numerous requests from customers over the years
for just such a device to put them into compliance
with OSHA and NFPA 70E requirements for
equipment and personnel safety,” he says.
Gus and Mark worked on developing a mockup LOTO device
that could be fit tested in the field. “The original design was made
using bent metal,” says Gus.
Once a basic prototype had been developed, it was
Benjamin’s turn to make a plastic version using his skills
as a 3D designer. He translated the design into a 3D model
using the measurements taken from the field prototype
and incorporating the features needed to satisfy customer
requirements. The design went through several revisions after
further testing in the field. Several iterations later, the final
version was produced.
Gus applied for a U.S. patent for the new CS Lockout
device and received it earlier this year.
The device has been well received and is now sold by Gus’
company across the country. “We are also going to put some of
these safety switches on the Clarkson campus too,” he says.
The Mininberg family has seen through every aspect of
the product from original concept to final design, with Magda
Mininberg (Gus’ wife, and Benjamin and Mark’s mother), an
MBA, handling marketing and sales.
In 2011, Gus and his wife, Magda, created the Gus and Magda Mininberg Endowed Scholarship for deserving students from the
Capital District majoring in Engineering & Management. “Clarkson was a great investment for me 30 years ago. Everyone was
very supportive. I wanted to give back to the school to enable other students to receive the same kind of education that I did.”
(l-r): Mark, Benjamin ’12 and Gus ’82.
The Lock Out/
Tag Out (LOTO)
protection device
for pistol grip
rotary control
switches used on
circuit breakers in
Richard E. MacDonald ’86
was elected vice chair and secretary-
treasurer for the Independent Insurance
Agents & Brokers of New York. He is
vice president and director of sales
at Haylor, Freyer & Coon. MacDonald
holds the designations of Chartered
Property Casualty Underwriter, Associate
in Risk Management and Associate in
Patrick J. Meaney ’86
(ECE) achieved
his 21
Plateau for Innovation
Achievement Award at IBM representing
over 80 invention disclosures filed.
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