Alumni Magazine Fall 2016 - page 34-35

Fall 2016
Fall 2016
fields on airplane wing flaps, in addition
to his work with the Graduate Student
Advisory Committee, have earned him
praise from the American Institute of
Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA).
The Orville and Wilbur Wright Graduate
Award is presented by the AIAA to two
outstanding graduate students annually.
Jason M. Bisson ’11
(ME) has earned
his professional engineering license in
the state of New York. He is an electrical
engineer in the Station Design Group of
TRC in Liverpool, N.Y.
Joel E. Garcia-Nuesi ’11
(GSCM) is the
program manager at Franklin Products
Ltd. His responsibilities include driving
the overall direction, completion and
implementation of new aircraft interior
Caitlin R. Oleksa ’11
(Comm) has
graduated from the basic Air Force
military training at Joint Base San
Antonio-Lackland in San Antonio, Texas.
Nicholas Begin ’03
Mike Pappis
(MIS) and a third partner are owners
of a consulting firm Veritas Prime. The
company was started in 2014 and now
has 17 employees across the country,
and is rapidly expanding. Nick and his
wife have three young daughters and
live in Freeport, Maine.
Lisa M. (Dietrich) Jeffers ’03
was promoted to senior CMC regulatory
sciences specialist at Regeneron
Pharmaceuticals in Rensselaer, N.Y.
Jason Manning ’03
UGC (MAT) has
won the New York State Teacher of
Excellence Award.
Sharon (Dillon) Perkins ’05
(ChE) is
the manager of Strategic Planning and
Initiatives for Babcock & Wilcox in Copley,
Ohio. Sharon and husband David are avid
runners and have participated in over
10 run Disney World events, including
the inaugural Dopey Challenge in 2014
where you run a 5k on Thursday, 10k on
Friday, half marathon on Saturday and a
Maria Choi ’11
(ME) has received her Ph.D. degree in the Department
of Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan. Her research
involved modeling of fundamental plasma processes occurring in the
plume of an electric propulsion device called a Hall thruster. “Accurately
modeling the physical processes in the plume of a Hall thruster helps us
to predict and reduce any harmful interactions between the plume and the
spacecraft surface,” she says. “Moreover, with detailed understanding of the
physical processes in a Hall thruster plume, we can improve a lifetime and
performance of thrusters for more distant space exploration missions.”
Choi is working at NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio, as
a research electrical engineer. Her work at NASA is related to what she was
working on as a doctoral student. “I hope to continue improving Hall thruster
models and applying my knowledge in understanding of plasmas in Hall
thrusters to develop more efficient next generation Hall thrusters,” she says.
Choi has been recognized for her scholastic and leadership aptitude
with numerous awards, including the Epeians-Leadership Honor Society of
the UM College of Engineering (2016), the NASA Space Technology Research
Fellowships (2011-2015), and the UM College of Engineering Distinguished
Leadership Award (2014).
A fun fact about Choi: She has a 4
degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do
and 3
degree in Hapkido.
John C. Lebrun ’99
(MBA) was
unanimously elected by the school
board as district superintendent for the
Plattsburgh, N.Y., city school district.
Nicholas Strom-Olsen ’00
(MBA) has
partnered with LPL Financial and Private
Advisor Group to form Vermont Retirement
Planners LLC, a new financial advisory
firm based in Vergennes, Vt. The company
will provide financial planning advice
to individuals and businesses based on
research from multiple providers and
have access to a broad suite of financial
products and services.
Ryan T. Watkins ’09
(AE) is working at
NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a
mechanical engineer. He is part of the
Technology Infusion group within the
Payloads and Small Spacecraft division.
In 2014, he completed his Ph.D. in
aerospace engineering at the University
of Michigan. He and his wife,
Corinne A.
Eisenhardt ’09
(Py), live in Burbank, Calif.
Michael J. Howie ’10
(CE) P.E. serves
on the California Board for Professional
Engineers, Land Surveyors & Geologists
(BPELSG) as a Subject Matter Expert
for the state-specific Seismic
Principles portion of the P.E. licensure
examination, in addition to his position
at IDG Structural Engineering Inc. in
Los Angeles. He continues to serve on
the Executive Board for the American
Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) LA
Younger Member Forum as treasurer.
Maureen S. McDermott ’10
Dec (By),
DVM, graduated with her Doctor of
Veterinary Medicine degree from the
Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine
at Tufts University in May 2015. She
has accepted a position as an associate
emergency veterinarian at Wachusett
Animal Hospital & Pet Retreat in
Westminster, Mass.
Brent W. Pomeroy ’10
(AE) has been
awarded the 2015 Orville and Wilbur
Wright Graduate Award. He has been
conducting research in Aerospace
Engineering at the University of Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign. His investigations on
the effect of high-lift aerodynamic flow
Jennifer McDonald ’03
(MS BSci)
received SUNY Canton’s 2016
Distinguished Faculty Award, one of
the college’s highest faculty honors.
A professor in the physical therapist
assistant program, she was nominated
for the award by her peers for her
innovative and enthusiastic teaching
style. McDonald is also highly respected
by her colleagues for her expertise in
women’s health and is one of only 43
advanced credentialed clinical trainers
in the nation recognized by the American
Physical Therapy Association. The
Federation of State Boards of Physical
Therapy also inducted her into the
Academy of Advanced Item Writers.
Robert B. Stoddard ’01
(Ac) has been
appointed as a member of the Advisory
Council for the Connecticut Society of
Certified Public Accountants (CTCPA).
He is managing director, federal tax, for
KPMG in Stamford.
Amarda Shehu ’02
(CS Ma) became an
associate professor at George Mason
University in 2014. She also won the
2014 Mason Emerging Researcher/
Scholar/Creator award.
marathon on Sunday! She is also a Disney
Travel Agent. Sharon and David live in
Uniontown, Ohio, with their son, Sam.
Peter S. Bird ’06
(TC ISBP) received the
Distinguished Service Award from the
Order of the Arrow, the honor society
of the Boy Scouts, at the national
conference in Michigan. It’s given for
outstanding service to the organization
at a regional or national level.
Heather J. German ’06
(CE) was elected
to the board as secretary for the North
American Society of Civil Engineers
(ASCE) North Jersey Branch, and will
manage their website. This branch has
approximately 2,000 members, one of the
largest in the nation.
Samuel M. Gorton ’07
(ChE) is a
senior engineer with Hydro Recovery,
continuing his interests in clean technology
development and commercialization for the
oil & gas industry. He is also completing his
Ph.D. in natural resources at the University
of Vermont. Gorton lives in Albany, N.Y.
Brian T. Sinsabaugh ’07, ’08
MBA) has joined the law office of Curtin
& DeJoseph, P.C., in Cazenovia, N.Y., as
an associate. He received his law degree
from Syracuse University College of Law.
Kyle B. Snyder ’08
(CE) is working
on an MBA at the Kellogg School of
Management at Northwestern University.
Allison (Jerabeck) Walts ’08
is working as a chef in Syracuse, N.Y.
She has launched a food truck so be on
the lookout for The Salt City Food Truck
in and around Syracuse.
Erika L. Brown ’09
(eBus) has earned
the CAPM (Certified Associate in Project
Steven C. Hollis ’09
(ME) has been
named LEED Green Associate at Erdman
Anthony in Rochester, N.Y. He is a
mechanical engineer in the Facilities
Core Business.
Nicole K. Intschert ’09
(BTM) is an
attorney at Menter, Rudin & Trivelpiece,
P.C., a Central New York firm, and is
based in their Watertown office.
Melissa A. (Van Kleeck) Rose ’09
(ChE) received her Ph.D. in nuclear
engineering from Purdue University in
December and is working as a post-
doctoral appointee at Argonne National
Laboratory. An article she published in
Electrochemistry Letters last November
was the most downloaded article from
that journal for nearly three months!
Michele A. Treinin ’09
(IE) joined the
Central New York Care Collaborative, an
organization that is helping facilitate
change to Medicaid in the Central New
York region.
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