Alumni Magazine Fall 2016 - page 38-39

Fall 2016
Fall 2016
Robert H. Donaldson ’51
(ChE) and Patricia A.
Slater, October 24, 2015.
Kimberly L. Vecchione ’03
(ChE) and Robert
Zimmerman, June 20, 2015.
Kara M. Henderson ’04
(ChE) and Corey Friedrich,
October 10, 2015.
Christopher D. Fohlin ’07
(Comm) and
Kaitlin P. Monte ’06
(TCS), June 11, 2016.
Thomas H. Cashdollar ’08
(CE) and
Stephanie Noyes, November 19, 2014.
Mercer C. Smith ’08
(FIA) and James Kung,
July 25, 2015.
Daniel P. Stanley ’08
(ME) and Sarah Schmidt,
August 1, 2015.
Todd C. Antonetti ’09
(AE) and
Nicole L. Waldow ’09
(FIA), February 20, 2016.
Ryan T. Watkins ’09
(AE) and
Corinne A.
Eisenhardt ’09
(Py), August 6, 2016.
Mary E. Konecnik ’10, ’11
(Ma, MBA) and
Michael P. McCabe ’10
(CE), December 5, 2015.
Elizabeth R. Custeau ’11, ’14
(IE, DPT) and
Patrick S. McFadden ’11
(CE), September 26, 2015.
Krista R. Larock ’11
(MBA) and Randy A. Wells Jr.,
April 30, 2016.
Benjamin D. Ritz ’12
(Dec, Ma) and
Jennifer A.
Sidletsky ’11
(BMS), November 7, 2015.
Sanford W. Newvine ’14
(EM) and Marissa E. Reiter,
August 1, 2015.
Jennifer L. (Miller) ’02
(BA) and
Jason F.
Rommel ’07
(CE), a daughter, Hadley Ann,
January 7, 2015.
Amarda Shehu ’02
(CS Ma) and
Erion Plaku ’02
(MS CS), a daughter, Elira, March 14, 2015.
David R. Maragno ’03, ’05
(ME, MS ME) and
Angela, a son, Connor Lucas, June 16, 2015.
Kimberly E. (Courtney) ’04
(ChE) and
M. Smith ’04
(CE), a son, Sebastian, April 1, 2014.
Sharon (Dillon) Perkins ’05
(ChE) and Dave, a
son, Samuel, August 2014.
Francesca K. (Equale) ’05, ’08
(TCS, ME) and
Nicholas F. Neiley ’08
(ME), a son, Christopher,
October 22, 2015.
Lindsay A. (Robb) ’05
(TC) and
Matt H.
Shortway ’07
(InD), a daughter, Rachel Dorothy,
July 27, 2015.
Peter S. Bird ’06
(TC ISBP) and Suzie, a daughter,
Hannah Marie, September 5, 2015.
Janessa A. (Scott) ’06, ’12
(ISBP, MS IT) and
Eric L. Hargrave, a daughter, Hailey Rose,
December 28, 2015.
Andrew W. Thompson ’07
(ESP) and Meaghan,
a son, Logan, March 24, 2015.
Thomas H. Cashdollar ’08
(CE) and Stephanie,
a son, Evan Kenneth, November 2, 2015.
Aaron M. Friebel ’08, ’10
(AE, MBA) and
Kara M.
(Butterfield) ’10
(CpE), a daughter, Naomi,
March 14, 2015.
Melissa A. (Van Kleeck) ’09
(ChE) and
Craig A.
Rose ’07
(ME), a son, Colby Alexander,
October 17, 2015.
Jessica M. (McPherson) ’12
(MBA) and
Matt Carista, twin daughters, Carrigan and Quinn,
June 2, 2015.
Katherine (Purdy) Vanier ’13
(ChE) and Jacobe,
a daughter, Meredith Elaine, April 2015.
Lufie Yu ’16
The Making of a Teacher
Lufie Yu ’16
UGC (MAT) was a graduate student in China in 2014 when she heard Catherine Snyder, chair of the
education department and director of the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program speak at Beijing Normal University.
At the time, Yu was pursuing a degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages at the Beijing
university. “I had a strong interest in English and western cultures, and a passion for sharing
and teaching Chinese language and culture,” says Yu.
From Snyder, she learned that through a partnership between the two universities she
could simultaneously enroll in the two-year MAT program in Schenectady, N.Y., and graduate
with two degrees.
Yu decided to go for it.
This past June, she graduated from the MAT program and in the fall, begins a position
as a Chinese language teacher at OHM Boces in Utica, N.Y.
Her internship at Tech Valley High School in Albany was an important part of her
education. “Working with students and being surrounded by professionals was one of the
best aspects of the program.”
Unlike other MAT programs where students complete short stints of teaching at multiple
schools, the Clarkson program requires students to work for a full year in one location. In this
way, up and coming teachers can experience the rhythms, realities and responsibilities of
teaching over the course of an entire school year.
Her experiences with Tech Valley’s innovative project-based learning curriculum also
provided the material she needed to develop and write her thesis to complete her graduate
degree in China.
Still, Yu never got the chance to complete her internship.
“In early March, Dr. Snyder told me about a temporary opening at OHM Boces,” she
recalls. “They needed a Chinese teacher to start as soon as possible.”
On March 28, Yu was hired to the part-time position. In the fall, she will continue on in a full-time,
permanent position.
Yu says she would recommend the MAT program to other Chinese students, or any student, for that matter.
“I know this will be a great place for them. It was a great place for me.”
Mason B. Sutorius ’15
(ME) bicycled across the country last
summer raising $4,500 for the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.
The 70 day, 4,000-mile trip from Baltimore, Md., to San Francisco,
Calif., was physically and emotionally challenging. During the trip,
he participated in various service activities, including delivering
care packages to chemotherapy patients, taking part in community
dinners and giving cancer awareness presentations. Sutorius also
met with cancer patients and saw how they supported one another.
He was especially touched to hear the story of a woman who
had lost her leg to cancer as his Ph.D. research in robotics at the
University of Michigan focuses on developing lower-limb prosthetics
for amputees. He joined the UM cycling team and completed his
first race last fall.
Christopher Fohlin ’07 and Kaitlin Monte ’06 (TCS)
Sanford Newvine ’14 and Marissa Reiter
Krista Larock ’11 and
Randy Wells
Robert Donaldson ’51 and
Patricia Slater
Mary Konecnik ’10, ’11 and Michael McCabe ’10
Elizabeth Custeau ’11, ’14 and Patrick McFadden ’11
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