Alumni Magazine Fall 2016 - page 40-41

In Memoriam
Adrian D. McLeod ’42
(ME), 2016.
Sidney E. Berger ’43
(ChE), 2015.
William J. Carley ’46
(CE), 2015.
Thomas K. Hawkins ’46
(EE), 2015.
Donald M. Estabrook ’47
(EE), 2016.
Donald J.Hutton ’47,’60
(ME,MS InE),2016.
Irving E. Rosenbarker ’47
(EE), 2016.
Judson B. Dulmage ’48
(ME), 2016.
Carl Janow ’48
(EE), 2015.
Seymour W. Liebmann ’48
(ME), 2015.
Andrew N. Mondo ’48
(ME), 2016.
Thomas M. McCraith Jr. ’49
(EE), 2015.
Arthur W. Bartlett Jr. ’50
(BA), 2016.
William B. Brady Jr. ’50
(ME), 2015.
James T. Davis ’50
(ChE), 2016.
Elmer D. Gates ’50
(ME), 2015.
Charles E. Hastings Jr. ’50
(BA), 2015.
Eric C. Johnson ’50
(ChE), 2016.
Rudolph J. List ’50
(EE), 2016.
Robert E. Burbank ’51
(BA), 2016.
Edward J. Kozlowski ’51
(ME), 2016.
Donald M. Liddell ’51
(CE), 2015.
Bruce W. Lockhart ’51
(EE), 2015.
Gerald G. Smith ’51
(CE), 2014.
Robert L. Baer ’52
(ME), 2015.
Robert “Bruce” Broadhurst ’52
Norman F. MacKenzie ’52
(BA), 2015.
Lynn A. McCoy ’52
(BA), 2016.
George A. Snider ’52
(ME), 2016.
Frank M. Staiger ’52
(ChE), 2015.
Charles M. Boynton ’53
(BA), 2015.
Richard A. Breckenridge ’53
(ME), 2016.
Robert T. Coupal ’53
(EE), 2015.
Fred A. Emmerling ’53
(ChE), 2015.
Nicholas S. Giannoucos ’53
(ME), 2015.
Robert I. Slocomb ’53
(Cm), 2016.
Frank A. Westburg ’53
(ME), 2016.
Robert F. Dailor ’54
(BA), 2015.
Ralph E. Edmonds ’54
(CE), 2015.
Frank P. Greco ’54
(EE), 2015.
Edmund N. Marcucci ’54
(CE), 2016.
George D. Del Vecchio ’55
(ME), 2015.
William T. Broer ’56
(ME), 2016.
Laurence C. Davis Jr. ’56
(ME), 2016.
Michael Dranichak ’56
(ChE), 2015.
Frederick F. Goebel ’56
(CE), 2015.
Theodore F. Nelson ’56
(CE), 2015.
Perry J. dePinho ’58
(ChE), 2016.
Richard P. White ’58
(ME), 2016.
Varick A. Cutler ’59
(BA), 2016.
Martin C. Doherty ’59
(ME), 2016.
Paul W. Engler ’59
(Ph), 2015.
Harry F. Voss ’59
(IM), 2016.
Ronald M. Arth ’61
(ME), 2016.
Norman W. Lindsay Jr. ’61
(EE), 2016.
Michael F. Masters ’61
(ME), 2014.
John O. Bertotti ’62, ’64
(ME), 2016.
Peter D. Holden Sr. ’62
(ME), 2015.
William C. Boltz ’63
(ID), 2016.
Dale F. Cronan ’64
(ID), 2016.
Stanley J. Kenjarski ’64
(CE), 2016.
Gerald J. Miller ’64
(Ac), 2015.
William L. Taylor ’64
(ME), 2016.
Anthony Dilorio ’65, ’71
(EE, IM), 2016.
Robert A. Smart ’65
(Mgt), 2015.
William E. Cogley ’66
(SS), 2015.
Kennard S. Cloud Sr. ’67
(Mgt), 2015.
James E. Rose ’68
(ChE), 2015.
John D. Correnti ’69
(CE), 2015.
Douglas M. Nelson ’69
(ID), 2015.
Richard H. Rausch ’69
(CE), 2015.
David R. Skiff ’69
(Ac), 2016.
Robert W. Whitehead ’69
(ChE), 2016.
Donald K. Bellinger ’71
(EE), 2016.
Robert F. Smith Jr. ’71
(CE), 2014.
Robert E. Wheeler ’71
(SS), 2016.
David E. Zurbrugg ’71
(CE), 2016.
Charles R. Castrovinci ’72
(MS), 2016.
Bernard R. Duclos ’72
(MS Eng), 2015.
Rodney Esley ’72
(MS Eng), 2016.
Robert R. Weathers ’72
(MS Eng), 2015.
Jeffrey J. Thew ’74
(ME), 2016.
James D. Strader ’76
(CEE), 2015.
John W. Hrinishin ’78
(ChE), 2015.
Michael J. Quinn ’79
(CEE), 2016.
David M. Aber ’80
(ME), 2015.
Kevin B.Albaugh ’80,’85,’87
(PhD ChE),2015.
Fall 2015
What We Brought
A standard microwave and fridge.
A lot of snacks and a Keurig.
Swiss Miss hot chocolate is also
We also brought a Nintendo
64 and a Wii.
What We Should Have Brought
A printer.
We got tired pretty quickly of going
to the TAC every time we needed to
print something.
What We Should Have Left at Home
I brought too many clothes.
My mom packed too many
cleaning supplies.
We brought a Ninja smoothie
maker. We used it once. Now it’s under
Andrew’s bed.
A Home Theater
We have a stereo system with
pretty big speakers — 12” subwoofers.
A lot of people in Reynolds can hear it.
The RAs are better about it now.
At first they weren’t too thrilled.
Joe brought a projector. Now
it’s like a home theater in here.
Mood Lighting
We installed LED lights on three
walls that change colors with the music.
Every engineering freshman has to
take a class on how to use MATLAB and
every student hates it.
Roommates Redux
We’ll live together again
next year. We’re both relatively clean.
We get along well.
We’re trying to get a suite with
two other guys. Our floor gets along
really great.
Andrew Hazelton ‘19 and Joe Chiapperi '19
Reynolds, Third floor
The two sophomore engineering students are from Rochester,
N.Y., and have known each other since 6
2016 Clarkson Cribs Contest Winners
Francis M. Mydlinski ’80
(CEE), 2016.
Daniel R. Ottaway ’80
(ME), 2015.
Carla Paltridge ’80
(CEE), 2016.
Richard V. Chisholm ’81
(ECE), 2016.
David J. Cudlin ’81
(ME), 2015.
Brian G. Cannon ’82
(Mkt), 2015.
James R. Hartzell ’83
(MBA), 2015.
Albert F. Hills ’83
(ChE), 2015.
Donald E. Procknow ’84
(HD), 2016.
William R. Hooper ’85
(ID), 2015.
Shireen Szot ’86
(Ma CS), 2015.
Brian M. Devaney ’89
(MaCS), 2015.
George S. Harris ’91
(ME), 2015.
Scott L. Storrs ’95
(EM), 2015.
Johnny D. Martin ’03
(MS EGOM), 2016.
Sonia M. Johns ’05
(By), 2016.
Steven H. Rieben ’08
(BTM), 2015.
John J. Sibley ’14
(MS PAS), 2015.
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Marvin L. Edwards
January 5, 1915- January 31, 2016
Marvin L. Edwards was a faculty member at Clarkson (then Clarkson College of
Technology) from 1964 until his retirement in 1980. In 1965,he became chairman of the
newly created Department of Social Sciences and served in this capacity until 1973. He
was the author of Stresemann and the Greater Germany, 1914 – 1918,published in 1963.
Born in Kansas City,Mo.,Edwards entered the U.S.Army and served overseas from
1943-46,participating in campaigns fromNormandy until the end of the war (including
Ardennes). He served one year in the Occupation Forces and was commissioned in France
in 1944.At the end of the war,he was in charge of Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) in
Munich,Germany,and also as Deputy Commander for the region.
In 1947,he entered Columbia University,receiving B.S. and M.A. degrees,and
completed a Ph.D. in 1959. He taught at Columbia University from 1950 -56 as an
instructor in History. He taught at Beaver College,Jenkintown and Glenside,Pa.,from
1956-64. In 1960,as professor of History and Government,he became chairman of the
department before joining the Clarkson faculty.
He retired from theActiveArmy Reserve in 1975 with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.
Edwards married Marga Schuhmann in 1951 and has one daughter,Audray,who resides
in Syracuse,N.Y.
Plugged In
Today's residence hall
room is wired for sound
and big screen visuals.
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