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A Transformative Education.
Clarkson has always attracted a certain type of student — ambitious, eager,
hardworking —who arrives on our campus and, four years later, graduates
as an analytical thinker, a problem solver, an inventor or a business owner.
The phenomenal success of our alumni in a variety of fields — from
engineering and business to healthcare and education — has earned us
national recognition and top rankings in outcomes surveys.
We appreciate that Clarkson’s alumni leaders are recognized; It is, and has
always been, our alumni who, through their remarkable achievements, tell
our story best.
But what is not reflected in rankings is how it is that as a university we produce
so many graduates who have such a disproportionate impact on the world.
The transformation of a curious-minded individual into a global leader is
no accident. It is the result of an approach to undergraduate and graduate
education that places a premium on open-ended problem solving, hands-on
learning, and entrepreneurial thinking.
And where innovation lies at the core of the educational experience.
Students benefit from innovative degree programs, rigorous coursework and a first-rate faculty.
But they also develop confidence and gain experience through unmatched learning experiences
outside the classroom. These include faculty-mentored research, global learning opportunities
and team competitions, as well as the opportunity and support to turn an interesting idea into
an award-winning company.
Clarkson is where scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, business leaders, policy makers, and
health professionals come to launch their careers.
As we continue to grow and initiate new research and learning programs across our campuses,
we remain committed to doing what we have always done best: offer a transformative
educational experience that is second to none.
Tony Collins
A M e s s a g e f r o m T h e P r e s i d e n t
Table of Contents
COGO 2017
— Cold Out/Gold Out is a new spin on our beloved ice carnival and brings together
alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends. PHOTO GALLERY.
Undergraduate Research
— Sarah Duclos’19 (ME) is only a sophomore, but she is already doing
biomechanics research with Assistant Professor Arthur Michalek related to low back pain, with a
particular focus on injury and repair of the intervertebral disc. VIDEO.
Six alumni from two major heavy civil contractors are part of a leadership team responsible for a
$126 million infrastructure project in Virginia.
PLUS the latest alumni news!
(l-r) Tyler Bershad ’16 (ME), Smriti Dasgupta ’17 (ECE) and Olivia Mascaro (PoliSci, Interdisciplinary Social Sciences)
Smriti Dasgupta
McNair Scholar
Campus Engagement:
Society of Asian
Scientists and Engineers
Faculty-Mentored Research:
Worked in
the fields of robotics and power systems.
Global Experience:
Robotics team
competition in Japan.
Tyler Bershad
Transfer Student
Campus Engagement:
Delta Upsilon
Faculty Mentored Research
: Developed
and launched a successful lighting
controller project. Conducted research
related to aerosol detection methods.
Inventor. Animator. Video game designer.
Olivia Mascaro
Clarkson School (TCS) graduate
TCS mentor and peer educator
Campus Engagement:
Title IX
Coordinator Intern. Admissions assistant.
Faculty-Mentored Research:
the perception of sexual assault on
college campuses.
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