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Clarkson University
President’s Report
Developing Technology Leaders and the Workforce of the Future
Translating data into action. Managing the complexities of the healthcare system.
Modernizing the power industry with cost effective “smart” technology. Educating
citizens to think critically and to see the big picture.
In-Demand Concentrations
Concentrations built into programs
provide students with expertise and skills
that are in high demand and that build
on the University’s signature strengths.
These include power engineering and
construction engineering management.
“Clarkson’s commitment to power
engineering has translated into a
remarkable reputation throughout the
energy industry and government agencies
around the world,” says Janoyan. The
University has one of the few High-Voltage
Research Laboratories in North America.
It is home to top-level research in power
systems optimization and control, multiple
infrastructure systems, electricity markets,
and smart distribution systems.
The Construction Engineering
Management concentration ensures
professionals know how to successfully
lead infrastructure projects — from
working with clients and builders to
managing budgets and worksites, and
sourcing materials.
It’s also the only program of its kind in
the nation that offers instruction on getting
sustainability certifications in both LEED
and Envision.
The Faculty Makes the Difference
A distinguishing feature of Clarkson’s
graduate programs has always been the
quality of its faculty. That, says Janoyan,
will continue even as the offerings expand.
“Clarkson faculty members are
recognized internationally in their
respective fields. From Fulbright and
National Science Foundation Scholars to
highly credentialed working professionals
and researchers, the faculty at Clarkson
bring their own experiences and networks
into their teaching and advising.”
Clarkson is reinventing graduate education.
• Strong Corporate Partnerships
• 40,000+ strong alumni network
• Relevant and Rigorous Programs
• Flexible Delivery — On site, Online or a Combination of Both
• World-class Faculty
Clinical Assistant Professor Vicki LaFay
is helping shape physical therapy
education on a national level.
LaFay was recently elected an officer and 2018-2019 nominating committee
chair of the American Council of Academic Physical Therapy’s National
Consortium of Clinical Educators.
“We’re looking at how the field is changing, and how we can assure a better
alliance between academic and clinical programs that will enable graduates
to offer the best care in the many challenging professional settings they will
Erik C. Backus, the Howard E. Lechler Endowed Director of
Construction Engineering Management
has been appointed to the
U.S. Green Building Council’s New York Upstate Market Leadership
Advisory Board.
The appointment will enable him to help shape the future of sustainable
construction in Northern New York and beyond.
“Buildings contribute some 38 percent of the carbon emissions and
use the lion’s share of electrical power. If we are to build a sustainable
future, we need to build better.”
Assistant Professor of Bioethics Michelle Meyer
has been appointed
to the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Commission on Ethics
Meyer is one of 17 psychologists and ethics experts selected to review
the APA’s ethics processes and procedures.
The panel was formed after an independent review found there was
undisclosed coordination between some APA officials and military
Leadership in the Field
Prof. Vicki LaFay
Prof. Erik Backus
of the Education
Program Graduates
Placed within 3
MonthsAfter Graduation
of MBA Program
Graduates Placed
within 3 Months
After Graduation
program ranks as
one of the top 40 in
the nation, U.S. News
& World Report.
Online MBA
Prof. Michelle Meyer
for the University as whole,” says Kerop
Janoyan, interim dean of the Graduate
School. “Programs will operate out of
several locations: the Potsdam campus, the
CRC in Schenectady, the Beacon Institute
for Rivers & Estuaries in Beacon, N.Y., and
with partners in New York City.”
Depending on the program, students
take classes on-site, online or through a
combination of both.
Graduate engineering and MBA
programs are based at both the Potsdam
and Schenectady campuses. Additional
master’s programs offered through the
CRC location include:
• Healthcare Data Analytics
• Healthcare MBA
• The Clarkson-Mount Sinai Master of
Science in Bioethics Program
• Master of Arts in Teaching
Multidisciplinary Programs
Over the years, multidisciplinary graduate
programs like Engineering Management,
Environmental Politics & Governance
and Data Analytics have been added in
response to a growing demand for broad-
based thinkers who bring a combination of
skills and expertise from different fields to
their work.
nvesting in the education and the
technical skills of the nation’s workforce
creates a powerful advantage. It accelerates
innovation, improves the well-being of
society and helps maintain a competitive
edge in a global economy.
Clarkson is investing in the future
by delivering technology-driven graduate
and executive education programs that are
aligned with the emerging needs of high-tech
industries, take into account new healthcare
models, respond to demands for affordable,
renewable energy and more.
Expanded Graduate Offerings
With the establishment of the Capital Region
Campus (CRC) in Schenectady, Clarkson has
expanded its degree offerings in education,
healthcare, business and engineering.
“The CRC will also serve as the
graduate admissions and recruiting hub
Kerop Janoyan, interim dean of the Graduate School.
MBA students
I,II-1,2-3,4-5,6-7 10-11,12-13,14-15,16-17,18-19,20-21,22-23,24-25,26-27,28-29,...30
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