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Charles W. Eaton, C. E., Director
Henry B. Dates, B. S., Electrical Engineering and Chemistry
Edward Robinson, B.S., Drawing and Machine Design
Henry R. Hedge, B.S., Mathematics and Modern Languages
Frank K. Rogers, B.S., Woodwork
C. A. McDonald, B.S., Machine Work and Forging
Sarah A. Nichols, Domestic Science
These seven instructors offered six courses of instruction:
Mechanical Drawing and Machine Design
Electrical Engineering
Domestic Science and Art
Machine Work and Smithing
Woodwork and Pattern Making
Normal Manual Training
First Year.
This first year for the College was momentous. When its doors opened for classes, five young
men appeared in the prep class, eight men in the freshman class, and four women in domestic science. At that
time, only electrical engineering led to a four-year degree.
Baccalaureate Degrees.
Within a year, Clarkson added baccalaureate degree courses in mechanical
engineering, and in the following year, 1898-99, a similar four-year course in civil engineering. These were
followed in 1901 by a four-year course for women with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Home
Economics, and in 1903, a degree course in chemical engineering.
November 30, the day on which Thomas Clarkson would have been 59, was chosen for the two
exercises formally opening and dedicating the school. First, at 1:30 in the school auditorium on the third floor
after the formal presentation of the Deed of Gift by the Clarkson family, the Right Reverend William C.
Doane, Vice Chancellor of the University of the State of New York, declared the school formally opened "in
accordance with the wishes and purposes of the founders, for the promotion of the best interests of men and
the glory and praise of God." In his remarks following this formal presentation of the Deed of Gift, Bishop
Doane said:
Whereas Elizabeth Clarkson, Lavinia Clarkson, and Frederica Clarkson have founded and built in the Village of
Potsdam, St. Lawrence County, N.Y., in loving memory of their brother, Thomas Streatfeild Clarkson, this School of
Technology, and have devoted the same in the fear and favor of God to the advancement of science, the dignifying of labor, and
the increase of good learning, which School has been admitted into the University of the State of New York with all privileges,
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