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The North Atlantic Treaty was signed, setting up NATO. The permanent UN Assembly building
was dedicated in New York City. Auto companies produced six million automobiles and trucks.
Cortisone was discovered. Averaging 607.2 mph, an XB-47 jet bomber set a coast-to-coast
speed record. After the US refused to stop airlifting supplies to a beleaguered Berlin, the
Soviets ceased their blockade. RCA announced the invention of a system to broadcast color
television. President Truman raised the minimum wage from 40 to 74 cents per hour. Broadway
produced the musical
South Pacific
. Arthur Miller's play
Death of a Salesman
won the Pulitzer
All the King's Men
won the Oscar for best picture, and Orwell's
became a best
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• Joe Bushey • Science Fair
• Campus Buildings • Les Dye Resigned
• Milton Kerker • Roos Retired
• Outdoor Commencement • Summer Curriculum
• Liberal Studies • Women Cheerleaders
• Local Fraternity Founded
Campus News.
Clarkson returned to conducting only one Commencement this year in June
with 163 graduates. Fall registration numbered 1,779, including 13 graduate students.
Joe Bushey.
At the annual alumni meeting, Joe Bushey's voice was heard on a record, but he
sounded suspiciously like "Daddy" Reynolds. (See Appendix B)
Campus Buildings.
To build the new physics building, later named Damon Hall, on Main
Street in 1949, three houses had to be razed, the offices of the dean, the director of admissions,
and the registrar were moved to the Newcomen house on the southeast corner of Pierrepont and
Main Streets. This house was completely redecorated, and remodeled with the lobby finished in
tiled wainscoting. The first floor conveniently contained the president's office, the registrar's
record office and the reception desk, the offices of the dean, and the offices of the director of
admissions and his assistant. Following Commencement in 1949, the second and third floors
were remodeled to house the alumni office, athletic department, and rooms for student
This building was demolished in 1958 to create a parking lot between Lewis House and
the Burnap Library (now Liberal Studies Center). The offices of the president, dean, and
director of admissions moved to Snell Hall, the athletic department moved to the Alumni
gymnasium, and student activities offices moved to the second floor of Lewis House.
Milton Kerker.
Dr. Milton Kerker joined the staff at mid-year. He later became chairman of
chemistry, dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, and in 1974 was appointed the first Thomas
S. Clarkson professor. In 1971, he was presented with the American Chemical Society's
Kendall Award in recognition of outstanding scientific contributions to colloid and surface
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