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Eisenhower was reelected president. Broadway produced
My Fair Lady
. The New York
Coliseum opened. Grace Kelly married Prince Ranier III of Monaco. Ringling Brothers Circus
decided to abandon the use of big tents. Shockley, Brattain, and Bardeen of Bell Labs received
the Nobel Prize for the discovery of the transistor effect in semiconductors. The first
transatlantic telephone cable was put into operation. Rocky Marciano retired as undefeated
heavyweight champion of the world. Bus lines in the south became integrated after the Supreme
Court ruled that segregation in public transportation was unconstitutional. After 72 years,
Britain's occupation of the Suez Canal Zone ended. Twelve hours after the Swedish liner
Stockholm collided with the Italian liner, Andrea Doria, the Doria sank. After a TWA plane
collided with a United Airline plane over the Grand Canyon, both crashed, killing all 128
aboard, making it history's worst airplane disaster. Don Larsen pitched the first perfect World
Series no-hitter for the Yankees against the Dodgers.
Hockey Coach
NCAA Invitation
Ice Carnival
Burnap Library
Hill Campus Construction
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Hecker Retired
Hodge & Lindsey: Phalanx
New Faculty
Radio Problem
Hockey Coach
. Bill Harrison garnered a "hat trick" in college coaching honors. He was named
the college hockey All-East Coach of the Year, Tri-State Coach of the Year, and the 1956
College Coach of the Year.
With a team record of 23 wins and no losses, his team became the first undefeated
American hockey team in nine years. Their record revealed that they beat Michigan 6-1,
Montreal 9-2, Loyola 8-5, Hamilton 12-3, Harvard 11-5, Boston College 7-6 (overtime), Boston
U. 10-5, Laval 3-2, St. Lawrence 8-3, Queens 4-0 (forfeit), Middlebury 6-2, Boston U. 9-0,
Dartmouth 8-0, Middlebury 10-1, RPI 7-1, Boston College 5-2, Queens 4-2, Providence 8-3,
RPI 6-1, and St. Lawrence 7-4; they scored 158 goals, and had only 56 scored on them. And
this record does not include two exhibition victories: a 4-1 victory over the Ottawa Shamrocks
and an 11-1 shellacking of the Ottawa Montegards.
Members of the team gathered many honors, also. Clarkson had four men on the All-
East First Team: Defenseman Art Smith, Forwards Grant Childerhose, Tommy Meeker, and
Eddie Rowe, and two men on the Second Team: Defenseman Al Ziebarth and Forward Jack
Porter. In the All-East's Most Outstanding nominations, Eddie Rowe was the Most Valuable
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